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PE and Sports Premium


PE & Sports Premium Statement 2016 – 2017

Ingoldmells Academy received £8,545 through Sports Premium Funding for 2016-17.

The Academy is part of the Coastal Sport Partnership that offers bespoke sports training to ensure the provision of quality PE opportunities for all pupils.  Membership to this Partnership is at a cost of £6,000, paid out of the Sports Premium funding for the Academy.

Coastal Sports Partnership

In order to improve knowledge and understanding and build confidence in delivering excellent PE provision, our staff will work with Sports consultants, experts and other colleagues to ensure the highest standards possible.

Total fund allocated: £8,545. £6,000 will fund our subscription to the East Coast Partnership enabling us to access high quality, specialised PE support.

A further £2,750 further utilized to support and promote engagement in sporting activity and to promote  healthy lifestyles. 

Total predicted spend = £8,750 (additional funds to be made available of £205)

For a full break down of the predicted spend, please click below .

Sports Premium Funding 16-17

PE Curriculum Overview 2016-2017

Extra Curricula Program of Sports and Activities

Sporting Events We Have Attended



15/16 Impact so far-

  • Increased engagement in exercise. Over the year 15/16 we have seen greater participation in academy PE/Sports sessions. We have seen fewer pupils forgetting kit and more pupils participating in PE. On average an increase of 8% participation per PE session. On average 92% participating.

(Next Steps- 100% participation)

  • Development of the PE passport, designed to promote PE inside and outside of the academy, which will run alongside a newly developed assessment system.
  • Increased awareness of staff knowledge skills, understanding and confidence to deliver good and outstanding PE and Sport through working together with PE specialists through the Sports Partnership.

(Next Steps – Make use of the sports planning tool)

  • Increased access to a broader range of sports through the purchasing of new equipment and through the interschool /Academy sporting events. 15/16 saw pupils take part in Athletics, Basketball, Golf, Netball, New Age Kurling, Rounders, Volleyball, Sports Hall Athletics and swimming. This is an increase in the variety of sports offered from the previous year by 20%

(Next Steps – Incorporate sporting competition and pupil engagement into lunchtimes)

  • Increased  pupil self-esteem and confidence developed through participation in a wide range of sports which have included representing our Academy at events.
  • Enhanced provision of competitive sports. 100% increase from the previous year in events arranged. Competitions this year included Athletics, Basketball, Golf, Netball, New Age Kurling, Rounders, Volleyball, Sports Hall Athletics.
  • Increased development of cross curricular links particularly science and mathematics. Staff are making connections with PE to other areas of the curriculum in order to reinforce pupil knowledge around sport and healthy lifestyles.

(Next Steps- Through the use of the sports planning tool teachers make even further conscious connections across the curriculum)

  • Strong partnership with other schools / Academies in competitions 100% increase in the number of events participated in from the previous year.
  • After school clubs well attended. We have engaged the pupils with a variety of activities through the Sports Partnership. An increase in the number of pupils participating in after school sports, currently this is at 38% (an increase from the previous year of 2%).

(Next Steps include increasing engagement in afterschool clubs across the academy cohort)

  • Team skills developed across all year groups. 10% of pupils engaged in leading and managing sport activity.


Sports Premium statement 2015-2016

£8530 Sport premium funding has been allocated to Ingoldmells Academy.

£4500 spent on-

  • PE coaching/teaching X 3hours per week (30 weeks of academic year)
  • CPD including 3 days of central training through the Allison Consultancy
  • CPD 1 day per school bespoke training through the Allison Consultancy
  • Youth Sport Trust Start to Move KS1 course
  • Dance Festival
  • Primary PE forum
  • Newsletters
  • Partnership Website
  • Young Leaders training
  • Accreditation
  • PE Passport development
  • Sports Days support
  • Access to Virtual Competitions- access through websites
  • East Coast Hub to support Gifted and talented provision etc
  • Gifted and talented residential experienceParticipation in- Goalball, trigolf, Multisports KS1, Multisports KS2, Rounders, Kurling KS2

The remaining funding( £4030) spent on–

  • Transport costs to and from Residential outlined above,
  • Outdoor pursuits activities- high wires etc/zorbing activities
  • Collaborative events planned during the summer term across academies (Leicester) cost of event /transport/support
  • Extending current sports provision to include:
  • Netball teaching/coaching and club provision
  • Fencing teaching/coaching and club provision
  • Athletics teaching/coaching and club provision
  • Multi skills teaching/coaching and club provision
  • Developing Sports awards for Sports Day

Extra-curricular Activities in addition to the above

  • Golf Club
  • Netball club
  • Outdoor and Adventurous club set up in collaboration with Group Together. This club runs throughout the academic year, caters for all age groups and changes provision depending on time of the year. Activities include the ropewalk, Yeti walk and spider web. This club allows our children to take part in activities beyond their usual experiences.
  • Bikeability for all Year 5 pupils
  • Swimming sessions for Year 3 and 4.

  • After school clubs well attended
  • Team skills developed across all year groups

Pupil voice shows that  the majority of the children stated they would like to continue one of the new sports they have learnt so far.

Ensuring sustainability-Ensure Sports Clubs run after school each term with information to   to pupils and parents, continue staff  participation  in CPD programme to include support up-skilling  through the Sports Coach, introduce a range of new sports activities for children to participate in therefore broadening their experience and enrichment in the programme, encourage children to take part in cross academy competitions to increase self esteem and build on team skills.

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