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Ingoldmells Academy

Class 6 Term by Term

In Class 6, we are the oldest children in Ingoldmells Academy, and we are proud to set a good example for the rest of the school.  We always make sure that we are helpful with staff and the other children, and work as independently in class as we can!  Now that we are in Year 6, we start every day with Maths Blast (solving Y6 arithmetic problems) then in guided reading and reading comprehension all of our groups have our own books which we are working on to deepen our understanding of reading.  Class 6 use Talk for Writing to help us learn text styles and patterns, and we have lots of information on the walls around the classroom to help us produce our very best written work.  We have a range of exciting topics throughout the year to cover the curriculum, using lots of multimedia and speaking and listening to help us understand new ideas!