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Ingoldmells Academy

Blue Whale Class Home Learning

Learning at Home

Below are the activities which have been set for pupils who have been completing their learning at home.  They are still available for you to access! In the meantime, have a look at the information produced by Barnardo's about coming back to school.

Thursday 16th July

Good morning!  It's the last Thursday of the year for us!  At 3pm, the Year 6s are invited into school for a final get-together, but first, learning…


Three fun maths challenges to get you started:


In maths, we are looking at sequences of decimal numbers, then it is Spelling Frame after break.

In English, watch the grand finale of Macbeth and then write the news report of what happened!

Our final Joe Wicks session is this afternoon

Wednesday 15th July

Hi everyone out there!  Here's what we have lined up for today:

Year 6 arithmetic to get you started today.

In maths, we are continuing our decimal learning:

Then have a go on TTRS to keep your skills sharp before English.

In English, watch the next part of Macbeth then write a letter from Lady Macbeth to him with one last plea that he changes his ways!

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Blue Whales!  Here is your Tuesday learning:


We have a 5x5 Boggle to begin with, then see where you can get on the Red Block Returns game that we began yesterday.

We are adding pairs of decimals in maths, building on the learning that we began yesterday.

Spelling Frame is the first lesson after break, and then Macbeth goes to visit the Weird Sisters again in English.  What will they tell him this time?

After lunch, in art, we will be designing our very own comic strips. Enjoy!

Monday 13th July

Good morning Blue Whales!

Welcome to another week of learning, and here are today's tasks:

We start with some Countdown, and then the puzzle of the week, 'Red Block Returns 2'!

In maths, we are learning about decimals and pairs which make 1.

Times Tables Rock Stars after break, and then in English, retell this part of the story:

We have the final part of Nanny McPhee in Film Club this afternoon, followed by circuit training in PE.

Friday 10th July

Good morning Blue Whales!  It's Friday again, so that means home learning for everyone.  Here's what we have for today.

Maths: more cube numbers!

English: Reimagining Shakespeare!

Use this link and listen to a 'different' version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  Complete Activity 2, and make a poster for your own version of Macbeth!  Think about how you could make it a more modern story and how it could be more suitable for Y6-Y9 children in its setting and characters.

Science: Learning about sound

Finally today, use the link to find out about sound and the way it travels, then complete the quizzes and the presentation task.


Wednesday 8th July

Good morning everyone, it is a rainy Wednesday here in Ingoldmells but we've got lots of learning to do - starting with these arithmetic questions!

In Lesson 1 we are learning about prime and composite numbers - can you remember what prime numbers are?  They are numbers that only appear in their own times table and the 1x table.

Have a go on TTRS after break, then it's the next part of the Macbeth story.

We are writing playscripts for their conversation today.


After lunch, we will be doing art - watch the films on then have a go at your own artwork!

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning learners! 

This morning, we have our usual Tuesday Boggle puzzle to start the day with - how many points can you score?  Then, try out for a new challenge. 

Maths is all about factors and multiples today, finding them and knowing the difference between them too!

Spelling Frame practice follows that again today, using the same spelling rules as yesterday, and then we have the next part of the Macbeth story.

Write a character profile for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, using all you have found out about them through their actions so far.

This afternoon in class we will be doing some simple paper weaving in art, and then watching the second half of the Doctor Who episode 'Blink'!

Monday 6th July

Good morning! Is it really 6th July already? 

Well today we have 2 games of Countdown to get you started, and then a new puzzle to try and solve every level of.


Lesson 1 involves using, rounding and estimating sums of money, and you can create a Form or a Kahoot to share with us when you are done.

Lesson 2 starts with a new spelling rule on Spelling Frame:

And then we have a new story to watch and learn about: Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Write a description of your own to describe the witches.


After lunch, use Paint or 3D Paint to create your own version of your 3D rainbow, then we have PE with JB sports.

Friday 3rd July

Good morning everybody!  It is home learning for everyone as it is a Friday, and here are your tasks.

We start with the challenges on today - they begin easy and get progressively harder.  How many can you solve?

Next up it is science, and on there are revision materials on evolution and Charles Darwin.  See what you can recall, and then produce your own fact file on the man himself!

Finally today, we are looking at language and register used in brochures and adverts.  Visit to find out more about this interesting topic.

Thursday 2nd July

Good morning.  Here are your Thursday tasks:


We have 3 fiendishly tricky thinking challenges to start you off today.  Can you solve them?

Try and master line graphs and pie charts in Lesson 1 for maths, and then we will try out some Spelling Frame again with the focus on Y3/4 and Y5/6 spelling lists.

In Lesson 2, we are writing an alternate ending to the story of Treasure Island.  What if the pirates had taken the treasure and left?


After lunch, let's do PE with Joe!

Wednesday 1st July

Good morning, and welcome to July!

We have an arithmetic practice test to warm up with today, and then in class we will be going back to Puzzle Loop from yesterday as we didn't quite manage to master it like we have the other puzzle challenges.

More graphs in maths today in Lesson 1, we are really getting deep into understanding line graphs now.

After some time on TTRS, we have the final part of Treasure Island to watch and listen to:, then write a review of the story.  How many stars would you give it?  What are the best parts and would you recommend it to somebody else? Why?

Class learners have a call with Skegness Academy at 11:30 today.  Home learners going to Skegness Academy will need to log onto Teams for 12:30 for their call.

After lunch we will do a little yoga from this website: and then we will be adding the finishing touches to our art and geography work (including maybe putting into a Sway or PowerPoint document.

Tuesday 30th June

Good morning! 

This morning's warm-up tasks include some Boggle, followed by a game of 'Puzzle Loop'.

In maths we are learning more about graphs and charts, then we will pick another of the sets of Y3/4 or Y5/6 words to learn on Spelling Frame. or

In English we are finding out what happens next in Treasure Island (the 9th part out of 10) and then writing a playscript! Find the story here:

After lunch we have some Geography in Lesson 3 taken from the site before it is time for Film Club and the next part of our Minecraft adventure.

Monday 29th June

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another week of learning!

This morning we have 3 Countdown challenges and a tricky investigation to get you started, then in Lesson 1 we are starting to learn about different types of graph.

Play a soundcheck on Times Tables Rock Stars and then test yourself against others on Arena or Festival mode.

Lesson 2 moves onto part 8 of Treasure Island ( and we will be retelling the story from the point of view of Long John Silver, as he planned events well and kept them to himself for much of today's episode.

After lunch we have PE with JB and then we have a new film for this week's Film Club.

Friday 26th June

Good morning! As it is Friday again, it is home learning only today.  Enjoy these tasks then have a lovely weekend.  We have 3 different online lessons on the BBC Bitesize website to try out.




Thursday 25th June

Good morning! It is Thursday today and here are your learning tasks.

To warm up, we have 2 Countdown challenges and a special game of 'Connect 3' to play.

In Lesson 1 for maths we are solving challenges for volume and capacity and there are 3 games to play.

Lesson 2 is our last visit of the week to Treasure Island - summarise the story so far and make predictions for the future.

Have a go at Times Table Rock Stars to keep your tables skills sharp.


We will do today's PE with Joe this afternoon and finish our stained glass windows art task, then watch the final part of 'Howl's Moving Castle' in Film Club!

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning! It's Wednesday and that means we start today with some arithmetic questions as you can see here.

Lesson 1 today is maths, where we have some more volume questions and a class quiz for those bubble learners amongst you.

After break, we will complete some practice on Y3/4 or 5/6 words on and then we have the next part of Treasure Island and the history of pirates. 

This afternoon we will be continuing to make stained glass windows using cellophane of different colours: you are welcome to try this at home and we can share our work together on Teams!


Film club this afternoon is part 3 of Howl's Moving Castle and then we are continuing our Minecraft adventure by developing our farm.

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning!  For Tuesday's starter activity, we have this Boggle challenge - how many words can you make by JOINING UP letters that are next to each other?

In Lesson 1 we are continuing our work for the week on volume, including estimating using cubes.

For Spelling, we will choose one part of the Year 3/4 or 5/6 spelling lists on to play and then complete the test on.

In Lesson 2, it is the next part of the Treasure Island story at , and your task is to write a survival guide for living alone on a desert island!

After lunch, we will be starting to make stained glass windows for art, using different coloured translucent sheets, then it is film club with the second part of 'Howl's Moving Castle'.  Finally, we will be developing our home base on Minecraft: Education Edition!


Monday 22nd June

Good morning and welcome to a new week!

We have this Jigsaw Sudoku to get you started this morning - try to solve it by inserting the numbers from 1-5 in every row, column and jigsaw piece.

In maths (Lesson 1), we are learning about volume this week, and today we will be estimating the volume of shapes by looking at structures made of cubes.  Then try out Times Tables Rock Stars, including taking the 25-question test to see what score you get.

English (Lesson 2) is the next part of Treasure Island, then a study of sea shanties!

We will do Film Club straight after lunch today and our film of the week is a Japanese classic film, 'Howl's Moving Castle'.  Our afternoon also includes PE with JB and then we will complete our Paul Klee-inspired artworks.

Friday 19th June

As it's Friday it is home learning only for us today so all of your activities are on the 'Daily Activities' page of our One Note.

Mixed problems in maths: 


We have been learning about National Parks in the UK this week - now here are some areas of natural wonder in Europe: the Alps!  Visit the website , find out about the area, take the quiz and then produce a guide for visitors!  You can use the leaflet below if you would like, but any other presentation method you can think of would also be good!

English: visit the website to learn all about limericks and clerihews.  Complete the activity deciding what kind of poem each one is, and then have a go at writing one of your own!

Thursday 18th June

Good morning!  It is Thursday today, and here is what we have got lined up for classroom and home learning:

First of all, try these 3 challenges of tactics and planning!

For Lesson 1, it is the last day of our co-ordinates learning with a mystery for you to solve.

Lesson 2 takes us back to Treasure Island for the next part of the story. 

Have a go at another Y3/4 or Y5/6 spelling rules on and take the test.

After lunch in Lesson 3, we will be producing our own artwork based upon Paul Klee's idea of 'Taking a Line for a Walk', then it is time for Joe Wicks:

before we watch the final part of 'Swallows and Amazons'.  A great end to a super week!

Wednesday 17th June

Good morning everyone!  To start with today, we have these 9 simple arithmetic questions for you to do.


  Then, have a go at one of the puzzle types on and see if you can master them!

Lesson 1 is more co-ordinate work followed by some time on TT Rock Stars, and lesson 2 is geography of the UK.

This afternoon, we will start with a little yoga, picking up where we left off on this video:

Then, we will finish off our one-slide PowerPoints all about the Lake District.  They need: a clear and bright title, 2 pictures, a map and at least 5 facts in your own words, not copied and pasted!

Finally, it's part 3 of Swallows and Amazons in class to finish the day.

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning!  Here is a rundown of today's learning.  First of all, we have today's Boggle challenge - how many words can you make by linking up the letters?  The longer the word, the more points you will score!

In maths (lesson 1), we are learning all about co-ordinates.

Then, choose one of the Spelling Frame rules from the Y3/4 or the 5/6 spelling list to practise!

That is Y3/4 rule 25-36 and Y5/6 rule 53-62, all on

After break, in English, we will be looking at the next part of Treasure Island and answering the questions, then making our own treasure map and giving instructions for how to find the treasure.

Story here:

This afternoon, we will be learning about the Lake District, and your task is to find out as much as possible and put it onto one slide on Microsoft PowerPoint.  Make it look as beautiful as you can, and include as much information as we might possibly need to know!  We will collect information on a page on the Collaboration Space.

Monday 15th June

It's a brand new week of home and school learning!  Today we have these new puzzles to get you warmed up.

Lesson 1 is maths, where we will be using our reasoning and explaining skills to show how many of a particular shape we can see in a diagram. 

We will play some Times Tables Rock Stars to stay sharp before break.

For English after break, we will be looking at the story of Treasure Island. Visit and watch the first story clip.  Write Jim's diary for this section of the story.  It will be exciting to see how the story develops across this week.

After lunch for our school learners we have PE, then we will be taking on this week's Film Club, where our film is 'Swallows and Amazons' by Arthur Ransome.  If you are learning from home, see what you can find out about where this story takes place.

Friday 12th June

It's home learning only today as it is a Friday.  The One Note has been updated, and includes links to the BBC Bitesize pages on Art and English where there is learning and activities to follow up the learning.  For maths, have a go at these line graph questions!

Thursday 11th June

Good morning!  It's fun Thursday today! Get warmed up with a couple of Y5/6 spelling list wordsearches.

In maths (lesson 1) there are some function machine problems for you to crack and some 'find a rule' games, as well as some quickfire maths problems.

Next, your task is to turn your Hugo writing into a Powerpoint.  It needs to be split over a series of slides, each with the picture you were writing about and the writing underneath.  It should run automatically with one click to start it at the beginning.  We will be working on this at 11:15, so any problems, Teams me and ask!

BONUS CHALLENGE: Can you include a recording of you reading the words on each slide?


1:00 PE:


We are then having Film club in class, watching the end of the film 'Hugo'.

Have a great day!

When you have finished, you can continue with yesterday's crosswords.  Remember that there are some in the collaboration space for you to copy onto this page and solve.  Make us another one to do!

In maths we are solving problems using Roman Numerals and I have a tricky challenge from nrich for you to try:

English will involve us finishing our 'Hugo' descriptions.  If you have finished, you have the testing little job of editing your work down into the best paragraph possible - maximum of 150 words please!  Check that you have not repeated adjectives and that you have started your sentences in different ways.  Then, Flipgrid it!

Finally, this afternoon, in your new Lesson 3 tab we have some geography to do.  In class we will also be doing some yoga:

Tuesday 9th June

We have work on the class One Note at for our bubble in school and for all of you home learners out there!  We are creating wordsearches for the Year 5 and 6 spelling lists, describing the setting from the film 'Hugo': 

and, finally, we will be completing our maths investigations (started yesterday)!

Wednesday 3rd June

Try today to write a fabulous descriptive paragraph to make the reader imagine that they are in this location:

Use all of your skills to 'Show don't Tell': make your reader FEEL, instead.

Visit the website to learn about sustainable living, and then complete some of the tasks from your choices here:

Tuesday 2nd June

For today's learning, have a go at completing this Maths Blast:

Then visit the page to learn about writing formal letters, and see if you can write your own formal letter to some of our healthcare heroes!

Monday 1st June

Just a reminder going into this new term that the children can access their work on One Note by following this link and entering their login details:

Today, we are learning about fractions and their decimal and percentage equivalents.  Follow this link and complete the activities!

Then, write a descriptive paragraph about this picture, using all of your Super Sentence skills:

Friday 22nd May

For the last day before the half term holiday from home learning, we have a couple of different maths games for you to try!  are all games from the nrich website which involve strategy and trying to out wit your opponent.  Try them out!

In English, we are looking for the best horror writer.  Describe this picture, trying to scare your reader:

And finally, still thinking creatively, visit and find out about computer game development, then see if you can design your own character.

Thursday 21st May

Visit today, to see just how good a film critic/reviewer can be.  Then see if you can write your own review of a film you have watched during lockdown!  Better still, record your own review on .

Also, have a look at this biography of the grime artist Stormzy:

Can you research your favourite singer, band or musician and write a biography?

Wednesday 20th May

It's Wednesday! We have spelling activities today using words with silent letters.  Can you name the words from looking at the pictures, and are you able to find the words spelt incorrectly?

For writing today, look at this fabulous library!  Imagine that you have just wandered into it and had never seen it before.  Use your Super Sentence skills to make your reader feel wonder and amazement!

Finally, we have a bit of science! Visit the website and watch the videos all about extreme designs.  Then, have a go at making your own parachute!  If you do not have all of the materials in the list, improvise with what you can find.

Tuesday 19th May

For today's home learning, we have some creative writing for you to do.  I would like you to write a persuasive text, ready to persuade people to come back and visit Ingoldmells when it is safe to do so!  How will you convince tourists that Ingoldmells is an amazing place?

Then, try this reading challenge:

Finally, we are working on area in maths.  Find the area of each of these shapes, using the formulae provided.

Monday 18th May

Week 7 of Home Learning starts today! is a page which has some excellent revision on adaptation which Year 6 covered before we closed; watch the videos and complete the quiz to show what you know.  

Today's creative writing challenge is about this picture from 

Use the T-rex as the subject of your paragraph and describe the way that it moves around its habitat!

And finally for today, in spelling, have a look at these homophones (words which sound the same but have different spellings).  Do you know what they mean, and can you tell the difference?

Friday 15th May

Today is your chance to be a real mathematician!  Go to the website and complete the 'Follow the Numbers' investigation.  Can you spot the patterns that keep on happening?  Can you make predictions for what will happen if you choose a different starting number?  The nrich site ( is full of exciting games and activities to help you to learn more about mathematics; I highly recommend it!  

Today's descriptive writing challenge is about the picture on , and it is this picture here:

 What ability do you think this character has?  How does it work?  What will she do with it?  You decide!

Thursday 14th May

Geography is a big focus for us today!  Visit the website or find out where your favourite sports person or celebrity is from.  Then, research using the internet or an atlas or by talking to people you know, as much as you can about that place so that you can complete this challenge:

Your next challenge is to read the story extract below then think about what Alice's fears and worries may be, and to make predictions on what might happen next.

Wednesday 13th May

For today's work, we have a GPS challenge first of all, finding word classes including pronouns, prepositions, nouns, verbs and adjectives: 

Also, try the BBC Bitesize page to learn all about algorithms:

And try out Spelling Frame rule 39: These words end in ent, ence, ency; ant, ance and ancy.  Play the games and take the test!

Tuesday 12th May

Tuesday's tasks are ready to complete on the pupils' One Note.  

On the webpage at , there is this picture:

Children can write creatively about what they think will happen next, including using their full range of sentence structure skills for variety and interest.

In reading, the children can first of all read this text:

Why not then try to create your own solutions for how we can take better care of our earth?  There is no better time to start than now!

Monday 11th May

A new week of home learning is upon us!  For today's tasks, start by looking on the BBC Bitesize page at to learn about different types of settlements. There is a simple quiz and then talk about and record what differences and similarities there are between the cities of London and Tokyo.  For maths, we have some quickfire questions (see below) and a Maths Blast for you to check and mark.  How did I do?


Wednesday 6th May

Today, we have a special task for you to do!  Go to the website and record us a Flipgrid telling us all about your pet!  If you do not have a pet, you can tell us about your favourite animals instead.  We would love to see them! 

Tuesday 5th May

For today's tasks, we are looking at this picture from 

It is called 'Out of Control'!  Write a Super Paragraph all about it, describing who this character is, what he is doig and what might happen next!

We also have this reading challenge for you to try:

It's a tricky one because there is lots of figurative language involved - you will have to work out what it is really about.

Monday 4th May

Welcome to another week of home learning!  We start this week with a lesson taken from the BBC Bitesize Year 6 collection, all about passive and active verbs: bitesize/articles/zbngrj6 

I have also set everyone a new table of the week on Times Tables Rock Stars, and challenged everyone in the class to a Rock Slam - log on and have a go!  

Finally, here is today's reading challenge:

Friday 1st May

It's the end of another busy week of home learning!  The activities for the day are up on the One Note, and today you get to be the teacher; can you mark my work? 

Also today, take the time to watch the BBC Bitesize lesson for Y5/6 which is on the red button and complete your home diary for the week.  Then have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 30th April

The class One Note has been updated with activities today, and as a reminder can be accessed either through the One Note app or by logging into and entering the child's school email address and password.  The children can try to code today, using a favourite website of ours: and try these revision activities.

Wednesday 29th April

For Wednesday's activities, the children can: *complete their own Wacky Web Tale at ; *practise working out missing angles in triangles by using the fact that they always add up to 180 degrees; *write a super sentence or paragraph about this picture:


The children can also fill in their diaries for the days since the Easter holidays ended, to reflect what they have done and how they feel at this stage.  Have fun!

Tuesday 28th April

Today we have some maths challenges to complete, including going onto Times Tables Rock Stars to beat Miss Harker's score of 31!  You can also visit the nrich website at to play Countdown!  We also have this website: where the children can learn all about grid references in map reading.

Monday 27th April

For the start of another brand new week, here is what we have lined up:

Try to answer these GPS and percentage problems!

*Geography.  Have a go at this excellent quiz, naming cities from a map of the UK.  How many can you get correct?

*Continue with your diary - have a look back through the first 2 or 3 entries; have you changed in the way you feel about the situation now?  This is what is so good about diaries! Here is an excellent page from the new BBC Bitesize page with addition and subtraction problems.  Don't forget to try the Red Button, whether there are new lessons every day!

Friday 24th April

Already the end of another busy week of home learning!  Today we have some fun activities to complete, as well as something more reflective.  First of all, think of someone who has been a hero during this difficult time.  In First News there was a story about a teacher who has been delivering food to people unable to get out to the shops.  Do you know anyone who has gone the extra mile?

Maths: have a go at solving these two Countdown problems:

History: can you answer these questions generated by members of the class using the text from Wednesday?  Click on the link to have a go.

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning!  Well done to the children who have been working so hard to complete their learning from home so far this week!  Today's One Note has been updated, and features some arithmetic practice (adding 3 digit numbers and dividing 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers) as well as finding missing angles along a straight line.  Today's English task, which can also be done offline, is to write the rest of this article from FirstNews:

Finally, why not try out some of the BBC's daily 'Bitesize' lessons?  They are on the iPlayer and today's maths lesson on negative numbers is good fun too!

Wednesday 22nd April

The class One Note has been updated for today; the children will have opportunities to: *Practise finding missing angles on a straight line; Find features of a news report; *Solve a reading quiz; *Research the Mayan civilsation from this National Geographic text;

*And solve this 'Countdown' challenge:

Tuesday 21st April

Updated on the class One Note: *a 4-question GPS quiz; *a challenge to write a news report about 'Captain Tom' and his magnificent fundraising efforts using the information on (can be done offline); *writing of our lockdown diaries for the most memorable things over Easter (also can be done offline); *a maths blast; and solving this number puzzle:


Monday 20th April

Welcome back after our Easter 'holiday'!  The One Note is updated with today's activities for you to complete.  These include: Writing a Super Sentence about this picture (this can also be done off-line):

A 4-question GPS quiz; addition practice; a task to order events using CE and BCE for the Mayans; a 3-question reading challenge.

Finally, you can also try to find the answers to this number puzzle if you cannot access the One Note:

Friday 3rd April

There are some bonus tasks for you on your One Note today.  Tomorrow is the first day of the Easter holidays, but here are a few things to keep you going:

Your Easter Egg Hunt uses co-ordinates in all four quadrants.  Don't forget to go across first and then up (or down) the stairs!  The second challenge involves simple algebra and problem solving but the third one is a very tricky one indeed.  Good luck!

You can also: *Go onto One Note and look through your previous learning! All of your work for reading, English, GPS and maths since September is there.  Why not have a go at any tasks you did not finish at the time?  *Visit some of our favourite learning websites: Hour of Code; Spelling Frame; Times Tables Rock Stars; nrich Countdown; PiXL Unlock; Maths Playground.  They are all there for you to use.  Have a lovely Easter, and we will resume after our two-week break.

Mr Mitchell

Thursday 2nd April

For Thursday's online learning you have:  *A 5-question Maths Blast; *More graphs to read and interpret; *A sneak preview from later in 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan to write about; *A reading 3 in 3 challenge.

Offline learners: describe this land through the visitor's eyes as he sees it for the first time! Everything must seem so strange and new to him...

Wednesday 1st April

Today we have a maths blast, some graphs to read and interpret, a picture from 'Broken Toys' by Shaun Tan to continue the story and a 3 in 3 reading challenge! If you are working offline, fill in your daily diary and complete one of your arithmetic quizzes.

Tuesday 31st March

Today on the menu we have the following:

*A 5-question Maths Blast.   *Some practice reading and interpreting data in tables. *A short piece of descriptive writing. *An instruction-writing challenge! *A 3-in-3 reading quiz. *A quick comprehension.

All of these tasks are to be found in today's One Note page.  Check into Teams if you need help getting on.

If you are working off-line, the instruction writing challenge involves magical instructions for how to create something.  In the Shaun Tan text, he shows you how to make your own pet.  Can you write your own version?

Monday 30th March

Week 2 of Home Learning! Here are today's tasks:

*Write your diary for the weekend.  As well as what you have been up to, try to mention how you are  feeling about the week you have just had?  What do you think about the future? Diaries are excellent records of what it was really like during momentous or exceptional events - and this is one!

*Complete your maths blast and graph/table questions.

*Write your Super Sentence to describe the picture of Superman taken from the Pobble 365 website.

*Complete your reading 3 questions in 3 minutes about Queen Victoria.

For offline learners, the diary can still be completed, as can arithmetic questions from your Home Learning packs.  For maths, collect some data that you can put into a line graph - this usually involves watching something that changes over time.

Friday 27th March

The last day of our first week of home learning!  It has been fantastic to speak to so many of you and see your amazing work this week.  A big well done to everyone.

Today on One Note:  Complete your Arithmetic Crossword; finish your home learning diary including recording it on Flipgrid and then turning it into a Wordcloud; spend some time on and see if you can collect 3 animals; complete the 3 decimal number challenges; finally, use your Classroom Secrets Kids login and have a go at some of the GPS and maths challenges on there. *There may also be hidden surprises*

If you are not able to access online activities, write your diary of your first week of home learning and complete one reading and one arithmetic task.

Thursday 26th March

*Complete a Spelling Frame rule and take the test.

*Play Countdown and try to hit 195 using 75, 9, 7, 8, 3 and 5.

*Do your reading 3 in 3.

*Answer the questions about Journey to the River Sea.

*Complete your 10-question Maths Blast!

For offline learning, complete one of your reading tasks, and 10 arithmetic questions.

Wednesday 25th March

*Complete your maths blast.

*Solve today's 'Countdown'!

*Choose a spelling rule on Spelling Frame to practise, play games and do the test for.

*Complete the quiz on Forms for Journey to the River Sea so far.

*Put in your Taskmaster entry if you haven't done already for 'The Coolest Thing'.

*Do 30 minutes of coding on Code Combat, Banana Tales or Cannon game.

Tuesday 24th March

*Write your diary of your first home learning day.

*In the Collaboration Space, write a 'Super Paragraph' of the picture.

*Go onto our 'Taskmaster' Flipgrid and record a short video for what is 'The Coolest Thing'.

*Complete the maths task on today's One Note page.

*Do today's reading 3 questions in 3 minutes and go onto the 'Story' Flipgrid to listen to today's part of 'Journey to the River Sea'.

Monday 23rd March

*Complete the Maths Blast and practise this week's tables on Times Tables Rock Stars.

*Write entry 1 of your diary. Record it on our 'Diary' Flipgrid.

*Complete your Super Sentence on the Collaboration Space about the picture 'Toby'.

*Complete your reading 3 questions in 3 minutes.

*Listen to the first part of our story 'Journey to the River Sea' on our 'Story' Flipgrid.

*Explore the Maths Playground website and either play a favourite game or find a new one to recommend to us.

*Complete 'Taskmaster' Task 1 on our 'Taskmaster' Flipgrid!