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Ingoldmells Academy

Blue Whales Class

Learning at Home

Our pupils all have their own home learning packs, but there are also activities being sent to them daily electronically.

The best way for children to access these activities and challenges is for them to open 'Teams' either by going through the Launchpad at or by opening the Teams app on a device.  All home learning work is in the Blue Whales Team and is under 'Top Secret'!


Friday 27th March

The last day of our first week of home learning!  It has been fantastic to speak to so many of you and see your amazing work this week.  A big well done to everyone.

Today on One Note:  Complete your Arithmetic Crossword; finish your home learning diary including recording it on Flipgrid and then turning it into a Wordcloud; spend some time on and see if you can collect 3 animals; complete the 3 decimal number challenges; finally, use your Classroom Secrets Kids login and have a go at some of the GPS and maths challenges on there. *There may also be hidden surprises*

If you are not able to access online activities, write your diary of your first week of home learning and complete one reading and one arithmetic task.

Thursday 26th March

*Complete a Spelling Frame rule and take the test.

*Play Countdown and try to hit 195 using 75, 9, 7, 8, 3 and 5.

*Do your reading 3 in 3.

*Answer the questions about Journey to the River Sea.

*Complete your 10-question Maths Blast!

For offline learning, complete one of your reading tasks, and 10 arithmetic questions.

Wednesday 25th March

*Complete your maths blast.

*Solve today's 'Countdown'!

*Choose a spelling rule on Spelling Frame to practise, play games and do the test for.

*Complete the quiz on Forms for Journey to the River Sea so far.

*Put in your Taskmaster entry if you haven't done already for 'The Coolest Thing'.

*Do 30 minutes of coding on Code Combat, Banana Tales or Cannon game.

Tuesday 24th March

*Write your diary of your first home learning day.

*In the Collaboration Space, write a 'Super Paragraph' of the picture.

*Go onto our 'Taskmaster' Flipgrid and record a short video for what is 'The Coolest Thing'.

*Complete the maths task on today's One Note page.

*Do today's reading 3 questions in 3 minutes and go onto the 'Story' Flipgrid to listen to today's part of 'Journey to the River Sea'.

Monday 23rd March

*Complete the Maths Blast and practise this week's tables on Times Tables Rock Stars.

*Write entry 1 of your diary. Record it on our 'Diary' Flipgrid.

*Complete your Super Sentence on the Collaboration Space about the picture 'Toby'.

*Complete your reading 3 questions in 3 minutes.

*Listen to the first part of our story 'Journey to the River Sea' on our 'Story' Flipgrid.

*Explore the Maths Playground website and either play a favourite game or find a new one to recommend to us.

*Complete 'Taskmaster' Task 1 on our 'Taskmaster' Flipgrid!