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Ingoldmells Academy


We have designed our geography curriculum to provide children with a knowledge and understanding of their local area, the United Kingdom and the wider world enabling them to make connections with other curriculum areas and acquire skills for later life.

Children explore key concepts as they move through the school. Our curriculum is laid out in such a way that the children will initially learn about their immediate local area, then their country and then contrasting this with the wider world. Children will also learn key geographical skills, as well as locational knowledge and key aspects of human and physical geography.  This will be a starting block in EYFS and built upon as they enter Key Stage 1. Once this is consolidated, they will gain a wider experience of global geography. As a child moves through our school, their geographical knowledge and understanding will deepen building on the foundations laid in the previous years.

Knowledge organisers are used to support the key facts in Geography – these are sent home to parents and used within the classroom.

Guidance and resources have been taken from Kapow to further support the effective delivery of geography.

Geography Programme of Study