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Ingoldmells Academy

Reading - What can you do?

Reading is such an important life skill. Being able to read opens so many doors and creates so many opportunities. We want all of our pupils to be excellent readers and to enjoy reading.

Our children learn phonics in a rigorous and structured way, following the 'Little Wandle' scheme.  Every Friday, they will bring home the book they have been reading in the week. Please listen to your child read - they will be very proud to show you their progress!

Once our children have completed their phonics journey, they will be ready to join the 'Accelerated Reader' programme.  This ensures that they have a book that is at the correct level, and the children choose a book from the selection that they are interested in.  Please ask your child about the book they have been reading, and what they think about the characters and events.  Can they:

  • Make predictions?
  • Sum up events in the text so far?
  • Explain why they think characters chose to behave the way they did?
  • Find key words and phrases to support their views?