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Ingoldmells Academy

Reconnecting with the Curriculum

Our Re-connection Curriculum

8th of March saw a full return of all pupils to the academy. Teacher assessment guides the planning for each individual class in order to support pupils in their return to full time education.  Adjustments  been made to our curriculum for the period leading up to the Easter break and leading into Term 5 and Term 6.

Our main focus:

  • Ensuring that our pupils are fully supported with their social and emotional needs.
  • Increased PSHE discussion time in classes – providing opportunities to talk, express their feelings and connect and support each other.
  • Art and creativity, providing an alternative avenue for children to express themselves, building confidence as well as a sense of individual identity.
  • An increase in physical activity for all pupils leading to increased physical fitness, improvement in memory and brain function, supporting quality of sleep, a reduction in feelings of anxiety and depression. All of which support positive learning in the classroom.
  • Term 5 and 6 to see greater breadth in the curriculum.

Adaptations to the curriculum content.

  • Staff use their knowledge of pupil engagement during the lock-down period to inform their future plans – and have planned a curriculum to meet the individual needs of the children.
  • Focussed and ongoing assessment guide planned interventions and class teaching to enable the children to reconnect with learning across the core areas of learning.
  • Medium Term Planning for T5 and T6 have been carefully considered ensuring that the content focuses on key priority areas and also has breadth of subject content and experiences. The revisiting of learning has been, and remains, a key element of this.
  • Our pupils with identified SEND needs have had their IEP (Individual Educational Plans) reviewed and amended so ensure that these reflect their current requirements.
  • It is acknowledged that gaps in learning due the periods of time children have not been in school cannot all be recovered during the Summer Term. Staff  have a clear understanding of any learning content that has not been covered and continue to incorporate lost learning into the curriculum moving forward into 21/22 and beyond.