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Ingoldmells Academy

Starfish Class

Learning at home

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Bonjour, Starfish!

It's a little bit cloudy today, but let's stay positive, and keep learning!


Today's Maths lesson is about measuring capacity and volume.

Do you remember what capacity means? It means how much a container can hold when it is full.

Watch the video Lesson 3 - Introduce capacity and volume.

Now have a go at these questions form the worksheet:


I hope you are enjoying learning about poetry in English!

Today we will be learning about onomatopoeia. It is a very tricky word but it can be a lot of fun (and a little bit noisy) when you find out what it means!

Here is the link to the lesson:


Do you know what a habitat it is?

A habitat is the place where an animals or plant lives.

Different animals need different types of habitat to live in.

Some animals have special names for their habitats. What type of habitats do humans live in? What about birds? Or fish?

BBC Bitesize has videos about all sorts of different habitats and the animals that live there.

Watch the videos then have a go at the activities underneath.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman​​​​​​​

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Hola, Starfish!

I hope you are all keeping your brains busy and your bodies active so you are ready for more learning!

Don't forget that when you go out you still need to practise social distancing, especially in enclosed spaces like shops.


More measuring in maths today!

Today we will be comparing mass. What does compare mean?

It means we will be deciding which object is heavier  and which is lighter.

Watch the video Lesson 2 - Compare mass

and have a go at the questions from the worksheet.



Our English lesson today will continue with the poem.

Did you spot those rhyming words yesterday? Then you'll already be a step ahead for this lesson!

Can you challenge yourself to make up some more rhymes?

Here is the link to the lesson:



It feels like a long time since our last lesson. Do you remember, we were learning how to have a short conversation? Perhaps you have been practising with people at home.

In today's lesson we will learn how to say different colours in Spanish - you might want to get out some colouring pens or pencils if you have them

What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is naranja!

Here is the link to the lesson:


Remember to stay safe if you go out in the sunshine by putting on sun cream, wearing a hat and drinking plenty of water!

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

I hope you have all had a good half term break. Today is the start of a new month, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it definitely feels like summer!

Happy birthday to Sienna, who had her birthday recently, I hope you had a lovely day!

Now, let's get our thinking caps on and do some learning!


Don't forget to continue joining in with your phonics sessions!


We are continuing to practise measuring in maths.

Today we are looking at measuring mass. This means how heavy  or light something is.

To measure mass we sometimes use balance scales. Some of you might have some at home for weighing ingredients in the kitchen. These are my balance scales, they used to belong to my grandma!

The balance scales we use at school look like this:


Which word do when two things weigh exactly the same? We say they are equal.

What does a balance scale do when things are equal weight? 

​​​​Watch the video Lesson 1 - Measure Mass.

After that, you can visit the BBC Bitesize page here for further explanation: 

and have a go at the activity sheet:

If you have balance scales at home you can have a go at weighing different objects. If you don't, don't worry, just miss that question!

Here are some questions form the sheet, in case you are having trouble following the link:


This week in English we are going to learn about poetry!

A few weeks ago we heard the poem The Owl and The Pussycat, and looked out for rhyming words.

Watch the lesson and listen to the poem - can you spot those rhyming words?

You'll need to find yourself a magic wand ready for this lesson! 


Before half term we started learning about some different adventurers and explorers.

It's time to learn about another amazing adventurer: Neil Armstrong.

You might have heard of him before because he went to the moon!

It's a perfect time to learn about an astronaut because  over the weekend a rocket launched into space form America, taking two astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, to the International Space Station. How exciting! You can find out more about it here, and see videos of the launch:


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Half Term Activities

Hello, Starfish!

It is half term, which means we can have a break and get ready for more super learning next week.

There are still plenty of ways we can keep our brains and bodies busy, here are a few ideas to try, if you would like to:


Oak National Academy, where we have been joining in with lessons, have a page of clubs and activities for all ages.


Scavenger Hunt

Write the alphabet in capital letters down the left side of a page. See if you can find things in your home and garden that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Write the words, and choose some to draw or take photographs! I wonder which letters will be the most difficult to find?


Staying Active

It's important to look after our bodies by doing exercise. This can help us to tay healthy and happy!

Change 4 Life has loads of great ideas for activities and games to keep you moving: 


Cosmic Kids Yoga youtube channel has videos with all sorts of themes to lead you through yoga and mindfulness.


PE with Joe is continuing, and his youtube channel also has lots of other fitness videos suitable for different age groups including adult, senior and family sessions.


Remember, if you are going out for daily exercise you still need to practise social distancing, and stay 2 metres away from people you do not live with.



We all know baking can be fun, but sometimes we can enjoy cooking meals together too. BBC Good Food has ome ideas for healthy easy recipes:


(And if you have a sweet tooth like me, here is their page of easy baking recipes too:


Get Crafty

Check out this page for all sorts of crafts and creative ideas:


Enjoy the sunshine (make sure to put on sun cream, wear a hat and drink plenty of water) and have a great half term everyone!


Miss Chapman

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

It's Friday! I hope you are all feeling good, and that the weather stays nice for us over the weekend.


In English today we will finish writing our information text.

We can then go back over our writing to check for mistakes and edit it.


Friday maths challenge!

Just like last Friday we have two challenge questions for Year 1, but there are more difficult questions on the challenge sheet, if you would like to work with an older sibling or adult.

Challenge sheet:


Today we will be using light and different materials to make shadow art!

Have fun!


As you know, music is one of my favourite subjects.

Today BBC Bitesize have a fantastic activity for us all about making music using jam jars!

Follow the link to find the videos and information as well as instructions for making your own instruments!

Here are the instructions to make a jam jar xylophone:


Enjoy the weekend. Keep being careful and staying safe!

I will post some half term activities on Monday.

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Thursday 21st May 2020

Bonjour, Starfish!

It's Thursday today, Do you remember how to say that in Spanish?


It's time to do some writing in our English lesson.

Now that we know the facts, we are going to start writing our Terrifying T-Rex information text.


in Maths we will carry on practising measuring, but this time we are talking about weight and mass.

We will need to use the words heavier and lighter. Do you remember what they mean? Explain them to someone you live with. 

Watch Lesson 4 - Introduce weight and mass.


We need to keep practising our handwriting. 

Today I would like you to work on one-armed robot letters: b, h, k, m, n, and r.

Watch the video here and have a go at the activities.

Activity 2 is an adjective quiz on the Bitesize page.


On Monday we started thinking about what an explorer or adventurer is.

Today we are going to find out about an exciting adventurer from history, Amelia Earhart.

We will have to listen carefully to the amazing story of her life, and have a go at  some drawing.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello, Starfish!

It's a very warm and sunny Wednesday! I can't wait to go outside for a walk, but I'll make sure I wear a hat and sun cream - we need to protect ourselves from the sun so we don't get burnt, just like every summer.


Today's English lesson is all about the past tense.

We will be using verbs. Do you remember what a verb is? It is something we do, something we be or something that happens.

Why not have a game of Simon Says with someone in your house to practise using verbs. The action word that Simon uses is the verb. Try to think of at least 5 different verbs.

In today's lesson, we will be learning about the past tense of regular verbs, learning key rules and practising putting sentences into the past tense.


We will do some more measuring in maths today.

Watch the video Lesson 3 - Measure Length (2)



Today's Google video is the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow, performed by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. He was a famous musician from Hawaii, who played the ukulele and today would have been his birthday.

I really like this version of the song because it makes me feel calm and happy.

Do you like it? How does it make you feel? 




If you are playing outside today, make sure you put on sun cream, wear a hat and drink plenty of water!

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hola, Starfish!


Remember to keep joining in with your phonics sessions.


Today we are carrying on with our non-fiction work in English.

Non-fiction means we are writing facts and information. We have to listen carefully, and check our writing, to make sure what we are writing is true. We cannot make things up, like writing a story.


Watch today's maths session Lesson 2 - Measure Length (1)

What could you use to measure how tall you are?

Is it easier to measure someone lying down or standing up?

What could you use to measure the length of your room?

Why is it important to measure in a straight line?


This week's Spanish lesson is about learning to say how we feel.

First, can you think of some emotion words in English, that we might be talking about?

By the end of the lesson you should be able to have a short conversation in Spanish - how exciting!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


This week in English we will be looking at non-fiction writing.

What does non-fiction mean, can you remember?

The writing is all about a dinosaur! Do you have a favourite type of dinosaur? My favourite is the triceratops!

Today you will need to listen carefully to the information, and learn some new vocabulary.


Today in maths we will be comparing length and height.

This is something we learnt about a long time ago, before Christmas. Let's see what we can remember!

Watch Lesson 1 - Compare length and height


Have you ever been exploring?

Perhaps you have been exploring new places on your daily exercise? I have been finding new places to go for walks, and yesterday I was very lucky and I saw a small deer! I need to do some more research to find out what kind it was.

Today we have a history lesson all about explorers and adventurers. I hope you enjoy it!


If you are stuck for activities, here are some ideas for ways to get creative by reusing things you have at home: 


How are you keeping active?

Perhaps you have been joining in with PE With Joe. If not, why not give it a go:


Don't forget to keep reading, as well as doing phonics every day.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Friday 15th May 2020

Guten Tag, Starfish!

It's Friday, the end of the week! Well done for all your hard work so far!


We have our final session on The Tiger Who Came to Tea today.

It's time to write the end of the story. Today we will be finishing from where we left off yesterday, and looking back over our work to edit. 

You will need the writing you started yesterday, a pencil, your story map and, if you have one, another coloured pen or pencil for editing.


White Rose Friday maths challenge just has two questions for us today.

If you would like to, you can challenge yourself further by trying the harder questions on the challenge sheet. You will have to team up with an older sibling, or challenge your grown-ups to see what they know too!


Last week in art we made self-portraits. This week we are making insects!

I know that some of you really enjoyed writing about insects recently, so I hope you enjoy this activity too!

In this lesson, we will be making insects using natural materials we can find on our walk, run or cycle! You will need things like small twigs, leaves, petals and stones.

Try not to pick plants that are living or cause damage to anything by taking parts away - we need to look after our environment!

When you are out collecting, see if you recognise any of the leaves from our science lesson last week.

You can watch the lesson first, then complete the activity.​​


Stay safe over the weekend.

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Thursday 14th May 2020

Szia, Starfish!

I hope you are all feeling good today! Lots of things are strange and different at the moment but we have to keep working hard and staying positive!


Remember to keep going with your phonics!


You might have guessed that in English today we are starting to write our story!

You will need the story map you made yesterday of The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Remember to take care with your handwriting - especially those zigzag letters we practised yesterday!


Today's maths is all about comparing.

What does compare mean? 

We will need to use the words greater than, less than and equal to. Do you remember the symbols  for these?

Once you've completed the video Lesson 4 - Compare number sentences, have a go at these problems:


At the moment we are using computers all the time to help us communicate and learn.

In computing lessons we can learn about how computers and technology work.

This next activity, from Barefoot Computing's home learning page, is about programming but you will not need to use a computer!

Instead you will need someone in your household to become a human robot! (You can take it in turns.)

Programming means giving something instructions. We have done this at school with Beebot and other robot apps on the ipads.

In this activity you will learn to programme your human robot!

Here is the activity as a document, in case that is easier for you to read, but I will also post it below:


First you will need to make instruction cards like these, or you can print some from the link below:


If you want you can also make a robot hat or mask for the human robot to wear.


Have fun!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hola, Starfish!

We are half way through the week, it is Wednesday! Do you remember how to say Wednesday in Spanish? 


In our English lesson today we will be learning about questions.

What do you know about questions already?

Which words do we need to use if we are asking a question?

What do we need to put at the end of a question? 

When you are writing, remember to use finger spaces and make sure your writing is sitting on the line.


Today's Maths lesson is all about solving worded maths problems.

You will be using your addition and subtraction skills. Which other words can we use for add and subtract?

Watch the video and join in with solving the problems. You will need to listen carefully to work out whether you need to add or subtract.

Make sure to pause the video when prompted, to give you time to think!

if you would like more explanationa and challenges there is more on BBC Bitesize:


It is important to keep practising our handwriting!

Today I would like you to practise zigzag letters: and z.

Watch the video if you can and have a go at the activities:

There is a 3rd activity on the BItesize page, which has a video to watch as well.


How are you keeping active?

Change 4 Life has all sorts of activities and ideas you can try:


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

I hope you are ready for some more learning. Thinking caps on!


Did you enjoy the story in English yesterday?

I hope you did, it is one of my favourites! Today we will be drawing a story map of The Tiger Who Came To Tea, to help us remember the story. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper.


Maths time!

Watch the video Lesson 2 - Subtract within 20. You might want to make yourself some ten frames again, and find some buttons or counters.

We will also be using number lines to 20. You could draw one for yourself, or use the numbers on a ruler!

Once you have watched the video, if you would like some more practice, have a go at these number sentences, using the same subtraction method:

13 - 5 =

16 - 8 =                                 

12 - 7 =

14 - 6 = 

There are fifteen birds in a tree. Some fly away. There are seven birds left. How many birds flew away?

A child has seventeen sweets. They eat some. There are nine sweets left. How many sweets did they eat?


This week in our Spanish lesson we will learn how to say the days of the week and months of the year.

First, why not practise saying them all in English and have a go at writing them down. Then follow the link to the Spanish lesson. Good luck, buena suerte!


It is a sunny day again today, hooray! You might need to put on sun cream if you are spending time outside, even if the wind feels a bit chilly.

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 11th May 2020

Bonjour, Starfish!

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

Rhea made the maths challenge butterfly pizza. It looks delicious, and I can see that you have tried hard to make it symmetrical - good job, well done!



I had a go at making my own symmetrical pizzas too! If you would like to have a go, scroll down to Friday's maths challenge for the instructions.



In today's English lesson you will hear the story of The tiger who Came to Tea.

Listen carefully to the story and answer the questions. Try to write the answers in full sentences.


Watch the maths video Lesson 1 - Add by making 10. Now that we are familiar with the number bonds to ten we can use them to help us add numbers which take us higher than ten! The video will explain the method.

Then have a go at answering these questions:

( If you would like to print them as a worksheet here is the link )

For more explanation of the method and a quiz see the BBC Bitesize page for today's maths topic:


It's time for a History challenge!

History is all about real people or events that happened in the past.

Visit the BBC Bitesize page for videos and activities all about Henry VIII, including a song from Horrible HIstories! 


It's a very windy day today, take care if you go out for some exercise!

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Friday 8th May 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

We are very lucky to have good weather again today! Did any of you see the huge full moon last night? When I saw it it looked bright orange!


Here is the final English lesson of this week.

You will need your dragon picture and writing from yesterday, because today we will be writing a character description.


It's Friday which means White Rose have a special challenge for us.

Today they have teamed up with Classroom Kitchen to make us a maths challenges all about butterfly pizza. That sounds interesting and  yummy to me!

Watch the Friday Challenge video and have a go at the activity sheet. You don't need to do any cooking to complete the activity questions, but if you would like to make your own butterfly pizza here are the instructions:

(You don't have to complete this today, you can wait until after you have done your next food shop - don't go out specially for ingredients! Stay safe!)


Today's art challenge is a bit like some we have done before.

We will learn a bit about the artist Jane Perkins, and make portraits using found or recycled materials.


Have fun! I'd love to see some of the portraits that you make! I wonder what you will use?


Are you keeping active?

There are all sorts of activities and exercises you can do at home, check the Keep Well - Stay Active! tab on the right (or in the drop down menu  on mobile).

Yesterday I went for a jog and accidentally met Mrs Adams 2 on the way! We stopped to say hello very quickly, but kept more than 2 metres apart.


Stay safe this weekend!

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Thursday 7th May 2020

Hola, Starfish!

It's another sunny day, I hope you are in the mood for some super learning!


Don't forget to join in with your phonics every day!


Our English lesson today is carrying on with this week's story of Saint George and the dragon.

I have seen some super work from some of you already this week - well done, keep it up! 

Today you will be using adjectives again, but this time to describe the dragon's personality.

Do you know what personality means? Sometimes we call it internal characteristics, which means it is not what we look like, Personality means how we act, think and feel.

Follow along with Miss Browne's video for today. I hope you enjoy it.


Have a go at today's maths challenge!

Watch the video Lesson 4 - Add more and count on within 20 and complete the activity sheet.


It is really important that we carry on practising our handwriting!

Watch the video and have a go at the activities about long ladder letters: and y.

Don't worry if you can't access the page or the video, here are the activities. Make sure you always start the ladder letters from the top:


As always remember to stay safe, keep active and read lots!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Hello, Starfish!

Sorry I'm a bit late  this morning, I've had some trouble with my internet, but it is working now!

The sun is out again, and it is making the sea sparkle like glitter! I hope you can enjoy the good weather while staying safe at home, or going on a walk - remember to keep 2 metres away from other people!


Your Maths challenge today is to use the part-whole model to add and find a part.

We have done this a little before, but pay close attention to which way round the part-whole model is.

Which circle represents the whole number in each of these? 

If you are not sure, don't worry, the video will explain! 

Watch Lesson 3 - Add together and find a part, and complete the activity sheet.

If you can't access the activity sheet, hee are some of the questions for you:


Join Miss Browne for the next English lesson on Saint George and the dragon.

Today the focus is on description using adjectives, which I know you are all fantastic at.  Have a go and see what amazing adjectives you can come up with!


Our science challenges in the last two weeks have been about plants.

We have looked for wild plants and garden plants. Do you remember any of their names?

Today I would like you to look at trees.

There are two types of trees: deciduous and evergreen.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves every autumn and winter, and grow new ones in spring.

Evergreen trees keep their green leaves all year round. 

Have a look at these - which do you think are deciduous and which are evergreen?

There are lots of different deciduous and evergreen trees. We can tell them all apart by looking at their leaves.

When you are out for exercise, or in your garden, see if you can spot any of these leaves.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Bonjour, Starfish!

How are you today? It's a little cloudy today, but I'm hoping the sun will pop out for long enough to give me energy when I go for a jog!


Did you enjoy the story of George and the Dragon yesterday? 

I hope you did, because today you will be carrying on with this story and making a story map to help you remember it.

Watch the next lesson from Miss Browne at the Oak Academy and complete the story map as she guides you.



Have a go at today's maths lesson: Lesson 2 - Fact families - linking addition and subtraction (1)

Make sure you pay attention carefully to which type of number sentence you are doing.

Is it addition or subtraction? Are you using or ?

Which other words can you use for add?

Which other words can you use for subtract?

If you need a bit more practice have a look here for more exercises and explanation:


This week's Spanish lesson from the Oak Academy  will teach you how to say your age.

Can you remember your numbers from last week? Don't worry if you've forgotten there will be a recap.

You will need a pencil and some paper.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

I hope you have all had a good weekend. Did you do anything interesting?

I made up a quiz for my family, it was very silly and had jokes and riddles. Perhaps you could do a quiz,  or tell some jokes!


Remember to join in with your phonics lesson every day!


Today's maths is practising our number bonds.

We have learned about number bonds to 10 and 20 already, but it is very important to keep practising to really make sure we really know them.

For today's lesson you might want 20 counters or buttons of two colours (10 of each colour), to use in ten frames, which you can draw like this.

Watch the video Lesson 1 - Part-whole relationships number bonds, and have a go at the activity sheet. As always, you don't need to print, just write down the answers.

From now on White Rose and BBC Bitesize will be covering the same maths topic each day, so their materials can support each other, and there will always be plenty of exercises to try if you want more!

Don't worry if you cannot access the video. Here are some of the same questions.

You could use a ten frame, or draw a part-whole model to help you.

FInd all the number bonds to 20.


Here is an English lesson about Saint George and the Dragon

What  do you know about Saint George already? Have you heard of him before?

Listen to the story and answer the questions she asks at the at the end. You will need a pencil and your book or some paper.


Have you been doing lots of reading?

There are all sorts of things you can read: your reading book, a magazine, a letter, the back of a cereal packet, a story written by your brother or sister - or you can go on Reading Eggs! And those are just some of the things you can read!

I have been reading a book all about the alphabet, and some stories about Thor!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Friday 1st May 2020

Buenos dias, Starfish!

Today is the first day of a new month. Let's make it a good one by learning lots, keeping safe and having fun!


Our English challenge for today is all about the story Funnybones by Janet and Allen Ahlberg.

You might know this story already, or even have the book at home!

Watch the first video of the story and think about whether the big and little skeletons find a solution to the problem. Talk about it with someone in your house. Do they agree with you?

Then watch the second video. Try and think about the following things whilst it's playing.

  • Do they manage to scare anyone at the zoo?
  • Were you surprised by what happened?

There are three activities below the videos. You will have to do some reading and a bit of writing, so have your pencil ready!


If you have trouble accessing the bitesize page there is another video of the story here:

And these are the activities:

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

At the end of the story the skeletons decide to scare each other.



Have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge!

Good luck!


Are you feeling creative?

Here is an art challenge.

You will need a pencil and some paper. Watch the video lesson about texture and the artist Max Ernst.  

Your knowledge of materials, which we have learnt about in science, will help you in this lesson!

I wonder what you will find on your texture treasure hunt. Good luck, and have fun!

(If you enjoyed this lesson, you could go back another time and complete the previous art lesson about colour:


Finally I'd like to share something that I've done recently!

I recorded some music at home, and so did many other musicians from an orchestra I used to play with in Blackpool. Then they put all the recordings together to make one colourful video! I hope you enjoy it. 

If you watch carefully you'll see me playing my cello!


Stay safe this weekend!

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Thursday 30th April 2020

Salut, Starfish!

Today is the last day of April. Can you remember which month comes next?

When I looked at the calendar I realised we have missed some birthdays recently, so I would like to say a late happy birthday to Preet, Oscar, and Caitlin!

I'm so impressed with LeytonRhea and Danny's gorgeous garden designs and Harry's marvellous minibeast writing. Keep up the good work!




Today’s maths is about problem solving.

This means we need to answer questions by thinking carefully about what we know.

You will need to pay attention to the questions to find out what they want you to do. This means you need to read or listen very carefully.

Watch the video for Lesson 4 – Problem Solving and have a go at the activity sheet. This lesson is a bit tricky. Do the questions while watching the video (it will tell you when), as it explains what to do. Don’t worry if you get a bit stuck, just have a go!


Here is our second Spanish lesson.

Now that we know the alphabet and numbers (see Tuesday’s challenges), we can learn to introduce ourselves.


What exercise are you going to do today?

Perhaps you have been joining in with Joe Wicks each morning? If not, give it a go.

Or if you are stuck for ideas, why not try some of these Disney themed games you can play with your family to get everyone moving!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hola, Starfish!

I hope you are all feeling good today, and enjoying your phonics sessions each morning.

Rhea did a great job with her maths work yesterday! I can see that you are working really hard, well done!


Today's English challenge is about nouns and joining words.

You might remember that a noun is a thing, a person or a place.

Watch the video about nouns and the video about minibeasts, then have a go at the activities.


Do you remember when we read the story of Superworm? It has lots of minibeasts. Perhaps you could write abut some of those too!

Here is the story for you to enjoy again:


Maths! Have a go at Lesson 3 - Find a quarter (2) and the activity sheet.

 You might want some objects like counters or beads to help you.


Last week I set a science challenge to find wild plants.

This week I would like you to look at garden plants.

Lots of people like to look after their gardens and make them beautiful. They can do this by chosing which plants to grow in their gardens.

Here are some different plants you might find in a garden.

They are very colourful! Which one is your favourite? I like sunflowers best.

Now it is your turn to be a gardener and design a garden. On a piece of paper draw a garden with the different plants you would choose. Label them with their names. Make it nice and colourful!

When the weather is nice enough have a look in your garden, or when you go for a walk, and see if you can find any of these plants.


Don't forget: keep reading, stay active and be safe.

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

I hope you are all keeping busy and finding lots of things to do inside. The weather is a bit cooler today, I hope the sun comes back soon!

Well done Caitlin for your super caterpillar letters and alliteration! Your colourful caterpillar is fantastic!



Let's get learning!

Remember to join in with your phonics sessions!


For today's maths challenge watch Lesson 2 - Find a quarter

When we split things into groups, or find a half or a quarter, it is important that all the groups or pieces are exactly the same. What is our special word for this? Do you remember the symbol?  

Have a go at the activity sheet. You don't need to print it out (but you can if you want), you can write or draw the answers in your book. You can check the answers afterwards using the answer sheet.

If you cannot access the activity sheet have a go at these questions


Maybe if you have a sandwich for lunch you could try cutting it into quarters.

If you have playdough, why not make pancakes or pizzas and practise cutting them into equal pieces. Can you find a half? Can you find a quarter 

(Here is how to make your own playdough with flour and salt


Our word of the week this week is friendly.

What does friendly mean?

It's a tricky word to spell. Practise writing it with your best handwriting.

Can you write a sentence with the word friendly in it?


We sometimes like to answer the register in different languages.

Some of us speak different languages at home too. Learning new languages can be great fun, and it lets us speak to all sorts of people if we travel to different countries.

We can't travel right now but we can learn some Spanish. Do you know which countries people speak spanish in?

Follow the link for a lesson on the alphabet and numbers in Spanish.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 27th April 2020

Guten Morgen, Starfish!

I hope you have all had a good weekend.

You have all received information about the phonics sessions starting today. You should watch and take part in these every morning. Phonics helps us with all our other learning. I hope you enjoy it!


Our English learning today is about alliteration.

We will be using the lessons from BBC bitesize. Follow the link for today's lesson:

First, watch the video about writing caterpillar letters c, f, g, a, q and o, ​​​and practise your handwriting. It is really important to make sure out letters are on the line and facing the right way! 

Next, watch the alliteration video. It is quite fast, so if the words are difficult to understand, it might help to turn on the subtitles. Listen out for words that start with the same sound - this is alliteration.

Have a go at the activities.



If you can, watch today's Maths video - Lesson 1 - Find a half.

 Have a go at the worksheet.


Did you enjoy Hannah and Bob's storytelling last week?

If you did, why not watch their video of The Three Bears.

You could write a letter to Kitchen Zoo to tell them what you liked about the video, or draw a picture. Take a photo of it to show them on twitter (their details are in the video), or if you email the photos to Mrs Tett, she can pass them on to me and I will show Hannah.


How will you get active today?

I am going to go for a jog. It is not my favourite thing to do, but I know it is good for me!

Try to find a way to make your exercise fun, it could be a game or a dance. Maybe you could make an obstacle course for your family in your home or garden!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Friday 24th April 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

We have reached the end of our first week of learning after the Easter break. Well done everyone for working hard and keeping going! I hope you are all staying safe too!


We have a writing challenge today. Look at this picture and answer the questions in your book.

Make sure you use full sentences. Remember:

  • Capital letter at the start
  • Finger spaces between words
  • Full stop at the end
  • Read it to check it makes sense.

  1. What is happening here?
  2. How are the panda and the child managing to fly?
  3. Why is the panda dropping envelopes? What is inside?
  4. How does Panda Post work? Write an explanation of it.
  5. What does one of the letters say? Have a go at writing it. Who is it to? Who is it from?


DId you watch the maths video yesterday?

If you did, have a go at Lesson 3 - making equal groups (sharing) and the activity sheet.


How will you be active today? 

I'm going to go for a walk on the beach. To stay safe I will keep at least 2 metres away from other people. I might even need to put suncream on!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Szia, Starfish!

It's Thursday, which would usually mean we have singing assembly. We can't all sing together at the moment, but maybe you can do some singing with your family today? I have even been playing the piano!

Amazing work from Danny, Leyton and Harry and Annabella on yesterday's Earth Day challenges. Well done!



Our maths challenge today is grouping. 

You might want to find some buttons, counters or lego bricks to help you.

What does the word equal mean? What symbol do we use for equal.

If we have lots of objects, we sometimes put them into groups to help us count them. This is called grouping.

When we group objects we need to make sure the groups are all equal. This means that each group has the same number of objects. 

White Rose Maths has some excellent videos and activity sheets. If you can, visit the webpage here and watch Lesson 2 - making equal groups (grouping) in Summer Term - Week 1.

Have a go at the activity sheet if you can. There is no need to print it unless you want to, you can write and draw the answers in your book.

Don't worry if you cannot access the White Rose page. Have a go at these questions instead.


Did you learn any more sign language?

As Thursday is a singing day, why not have a go at learning how to sign and sing This Is Me from THe Greatest Showman, with this video by Natasha and Kelly-Ann.


Remember to keep active, but stay safe.

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman


Wednesday 22nd  April 2020

Hola, Starfish!

We are already half way through the week! I hope you are staying active and happy.

Let's get learning!


Today is Earth Day.

This is when we think about all the ways we can look after our planet, Earth.

Do you know any ways we might look after Earth and our environment?

Here are some ideas:

  • Don't drop litter, put it in the bin.
  • Recycle
  • Be kind to plants and animals
  • Save electricity by turning off lights when we don't need them.
  • Save water by turning off the taps when we don't need them.  
  • Walk  or cycle instead of using the car.

We try not to do things that can damage our planet, like wasting water and electricity. Cars can cause damage by producing nasty gas and fumes which are bad for the environment. This is called pollution.


Your task today is to make an Earth Day poster to tell people how to look after planet Earth.

You will need to write the information in full sentences. Use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

You can draw pictures too. Think carefully about the things you should draw on a poster about the Earth. Maybe you could include some of the wild plants you found yesterday?

Maybe you could put your poster in your window for other people to see!


If you are up for an extra Earth Day writing challenge, have a go at this.

An acrostic poem is a type of poem where each line begins with a different letter. All the first letters together spell a word. Do you remember we made one for out Harvest festival? We held up all the letters.

Can you think of a word or sentence about looking after our planet, or things you like about Earth, for each letter of EARTH DAY.


Read, read, read! 

You have reading  books or Reading Eggs.

You can also go on Phonics Play

or Spelling Frame


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Bonjour, Starfish!

It’s another bright and sunny day, but it’s very windy! I hope you are all staying safe, and if you go out for a walk or exercise, stay well away from other people. This is to keep everyone healthy.

Well done Harry for working really hard on yesterday’s challenges! I know Hannah and Bob were very impressed with your pictures too! You found those rhyming words really well, some of those are tricky!



Before we move on to a new maths topic, let’s practise counting in 2s and 5s.

I know some of you are great at this already, but it’s always good to keep practising.

Here is a silly song to practise 2s:

Here is one for 5s:

Have a go at these questions:

(You can use this interactive number grid:


Today’s Science challenge is about plants.

We have already noticed many signs or spring all around us. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the plants are beginning to grow again.

In gardens we usually see plants that have been planted there on purpose. But sometimes other plants grow too. We might call these plants weeds. They are a type of wild plant.

Many plants grow in the wild. This just means that they have not been put there on purpose.

Have a look at these wild plants. When you go out in your garden, or for a walk, see how many you can find.


Keeping active is important for your body and your brain.

Joe Wicks is still streaming his daily sessions. Have you joined in today?


Don't forget to keep reading! 

You have reading  books or Reading Eggs.

You can also go on Phonics Play

or Spelling Frame


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 20th April 2020

Good Morning, Starfish!

I hope you have had a lovely Easter, and that you have been finding lots of ways to have fun, while staying safe and healthy.

I have been reading a lot and enjoying the sunshine! I even made some Easter treats:

I have really enjoyed seeing all your photographs of Easter bonnets and decorated eggs, great job everyone!

Well done Olly, Rhea, Leyton, Colby and Danny for going on Reading Eggs over the holiday!

Rhea has been busy baking, these look delicious! You must have measured the ingredients carefully.


Danny has done some lovely writing in his diary!

David has made some super cards, and been baking too!


Well done! 


I hope you’re ready for some more learning challenges! Let’s go:

Today’s English challenge is about poems.

Poems are a bit different from storybooks or non-fiction writing.

They might only have a few words on each line. Sometimes they rhyme. They can be a bit like a song without any music.

Do you know any poems? Perhaps you know a nursery rhyme?

Some poems are long and some are short. The Owl and the Pussycat is a long poem by Edward Lear, which tells a story.

Here is a video of my cousin Hannah and her friend Bob, reading the poem:

Here is the first verse of the poem:

          The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea

              In a beautiful pea-green boat,

          They took some honey, and plenty of money,

              Wrapped up in a five-pound note.

          The Owl looked up to the stars above,

              And sang to a small guitar,

          "O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,

               What a beautiful Pussy you are,

                   You are,

                   You are!

          What a beautiful Pussy you are!"


Can you find the rhyming words? Remember, the words must have the same sound at the end,

like     tree and bee     or     funny and sunny.

Sometimes words look different but still rhyme, because they sound the same,

like     bee and pea     or     you and true.  


Can you think of words to rhyme with these:

Cat                       Boat                  Pig                        Sea        

Owl (this one is tricky!)


Time to get creative:

Try to follow these instructions to make a paper boat:

Here is a video to follow:


Or make a boat your own way!

The owl and the pussycat sail in a boat that is pea-green. What will your boat look like? Decorate it using colours.

Will it have a flag? Maybe it is a pirate ship!

Where is it going? Who is on the boat? Maybe you could draw or write about it.


Remember to keep active!

Check the tab on the right for ideas.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman


Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello, Starfish!

Thank you Harry and Caitlin for sending me pictures of the activities you have been doing. You have been working really hard and these look like great fun! Well done!



Well done Harry, Rhea, Colby, Danny, Brooke, Caitlin and Ella for going on Reading eggs this week!


Easter Holiday!

It is now the Easter Holiday. This year it is a time to have fun and stay safe indoors with our family.

Here are some Easter challenge ideas to try over the next two weeks:

1. Write a short diary entry each day including the date, the weather, something you did and how you feel.

2. Make an Easter card (using materials you already have in your home).


Look here for more ideas and instructions:


3. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

4. Play a board game or card game.

5. Bake. This can be a bit tricky when we can't go to the shops very often. I will be making chocolate nests using weetabix instead of shredded wheat - I hope it works!

Here are some more Easter baking ideas:


6. Learn a new song or make up a dance. You could find music on youtube and put on a show for your family!


For more challenges and ideas check the Easter Activities! tab on the right, or you could even check the other class pages!


Don't forget to send in photographs of your Easter bonnet and decorated egg! 

Check the tabs on the right for more information, and to see everyone's photos!


Stay active and keep fit. Remember you can go out for one form of exercise each day, just keep your distance form other people.

Keep safe, stay healthy and look after each other.


Have a lovely Easter break.

Miss Chapman


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

It has been lovely to speak to many of you recently, and find out that you have all been busy and creative, making things, baking, writing and having fun! I was inspired to bake a banana loaf yesterday. I’m not very good at baking yet so it looks and tastes nice, but isn’t cooked properly in the middle. I will need to persevere and keep practising so I get better. Sorry I can’t share it with you all!


Today's English challenge is to look at this picture and answer the questions.

Write the answers in your book in full sentences. (Remember to check that they make sense.)

This picture is called Animal Town. It is a town where animals live, instead of people!

  • What animals can you see? Describe each one with an adjective.
  • Which job do you think each animal does in the town?
  • If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be? Why?
  • What kind of home would each animal live in? A mansion? A flat? A bungalow? A treehouse?
  • Draw what you think the Animal Town supermarket would look like. Who works there? Is it busy? Is it noisy?


In autumn we made art with things we found outside.

What would be different now that it is spring?

See if you can make a picture with things you find now. It could be another self-portrait or a picture of something you find in spring!

This time, instead of using things you find outside, try using objects you find inside - remember to ask before borrowing anything!

Here are some flowers I made with things I found in my kitchen:


Remember to keep active and keep healthy!

When you go out for walks or exercise keep 2 metres away from other people. Stay safe!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Guten Morgen, Starfish!

Today is Wednesday, which means we are half way through the week! We have been learning at home for two weeks now. Such a lot has happened! I hope everyone is staying well and keeping busy!


Here are today's maths questions.

 You will have to think carefully about which numbers are larger and which numbers are smaller.

Look at the tens and ones. Is a number with 5 tens smaller or larger than a number with 3 tens?

You will not have base ten equipment at home, but you can use something else instead. For example use pencils as tens and buttons as ones, or long lego bricks as tens and short lego bricks as ones. You could also draw a line for a ten and a dot for a one.

Today is the first day of the month of April.

Some people like to call this April Fool's Day and try to play tricks and pranks on each other.

In some countries like France they call this poisson d'Avril, which means April fish!

They cut fish shapes out of paper and try to stick them to other people's backs without being noticed! 

Your challenge today is to see how many fish you can stick to people without getting caught!   

You could also follow these instructions to make a twirling paper fish.

  • Cut a strip of paper about 3cm wide and 15cm long.
  • Decorate your paper with markers or crayons (if desired).
  • Snip a half-slit about 3cm from the end of the strip (be sure not to cut all the way through).
  • Snip another half-slit on the other end, but on the opposite side of the paper.
  • Fold the paper over and connect the 2 slits (see photo).
  • Hold your fish up high and drop it. Watch it twirl its way down to the ground.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello, Starfish!

I hope you are feeling good today. I am looking forward to going for a walk on the beach to get some exercise. What are you looking forward to today?


Today's English activity is to read a book.

It can be any book: your reading book from school, your favourite book, a book you have never read before or a book you have read 100 times!

Read the book to someone in your family, or ask them to read one to you. Why not take it in turns to read a page!

If you are stuck there are lots of stories on youtube, like this one: The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson. 

After you have read your book it is time to write!

Write a review of the book. Remember to write down the title and author.

Answer these questions in full sentences.

  • Did you like the book? Why?
  • Which was your favourite part?
  • Who was your favourite character? Why?
  • Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Draw a picture of your favourite scene or character.

TIme to get creative!

Try to build a scene from your book. Do you have any lego? Or clean cardboard boxes from the recycling?

What could you use to make the characters? Do you have any small toys that are the same type of creature? Could you make them out of playdough?

Act out part of the story using your model. Can you put on the voices of the characters? Ask someone in your family to join in. Can you put on a show for someone else in your home?

Imagine what comes next in the story, or make up your own story with the same characters!

Have fun!


Don't forget you can keep doing a page from your home learning pack each day.

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 30th March 2020

Salut, Starfish!

I hope you had a good weekend, and you are all staying safe, warm and well.


Our word of the week this week is spiky.

Is the word spiky an adjective, a verb or a noun?

What does it mean?

Use the word spiky in a sentence. Write the sentence in your book. 

Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Are all of your letters sitting on the line?

Can you find something in your home that is spiky?

Draw a picture of something spiky. It could be real or imaginary.

I have found something spiky in my home! Do you know what it is?


It’s time for a maths challenge:

Here are some more problems to solve by using more than >  and less than <.

You could make your own number grid to 50 or use one online:

(You can have fun with the colours finding number patterns!)


Are you keeping active? 

It is very important to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Maybe you have been going for walks, or playing active games with your brothers and sisters. Why not share one of our favourite 5-a-day dances?


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

Yesterday I went for a walk on the beach. I made sure I stayed more than 2 metres away from other people. I found this tiny starfish in the edge of the sea and it made me think of you all!


The British Library have set a creative challenge!

 “For hundreds of years, humans have told stories about animals. Some of these help us learn about domestic pets or creatures who live in the wild. Others introduce animals who talk like humans, wear clothes, have magic powers, go on picnics or drive fast cars.”

Our task is to create an imaginary talking animal character, like the Gruffalo or The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Think about what your creature will look like. How many legs does it have? How many eyes? What size is it? What colour? What texture?

Can it talk like a human, or does it make animal noises?

Does it wear clothes? How does it move? Where does it live? Where did it come from?

Is it friendly?

Draw your creature, or see if you can make a model or collage from things you find in your house. Maybe you could make a mask so you can look like your creature!

Now it’s time to get writing! Can you tell a story about what your creature gets up to.

The British Library website has all sorts of fantastic ideas to help you make up your story:


I hope you have been doing lots of reading! 

Well done Harry, Leyton, David, Lucas and Caitlin for going on Reading Eggs recently!


Over the weekend remember to stay at home, stay safe and listen to your grown-ups!

I will be back with more challenges on Monday.


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Thursday 26th March 2020

Guten Tag, Starfish!

The sun is still shining! We are so lucky to have such good weather to keep us in a good mood!


Did you have a go at Tuesday’s maths challenges? 

If you didn’t, scroll down and have a go at those now.  

If you did, here are some extra problem solving questions. Think carefully, as they might be trying to trick you! Read the questions and talk about the answers with your grown-ups. Have a go at writing the correct answers in your book.

Be careful to use the correct symbols for greater than > and less than <


If you would like to, keep writing daily diary entries. Keep looking for those signs of spring, and write about any other interesting things you do. When we all return to school, it wold be great to find out what everyone has been doing!

Remember to write on the lines and use finger spaces. Try to check that your sentences always make sense by reading them out loud after you have written them.


Keeping active is good for your body and your brain!

Exercise helps us to be strong and healthy. It can also help us to feel happy!

Every morning at 9am, fitness coach Joe Wicks is streaming a live workout on his youtube channel.

The videos are still available after the live stream. Why not join in with thousands of families all over the country!


Have you been learning any sign language with Natasha and Kelly-Ann

Which was your favourite animal sign? My favourite was the sign for pig!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hola, Starfish!

What a beautiful day! It has been a whole week since you were all at school, and I am sure you are missing seeing everyone, just like I am.

It is very important to remember that we must all stay in our homes. This is to stop us from spreading germs that can make people sick.

We are allowed to go out for a short walk or some exercise, but we must stay with the people we live with, and stay away from other people. This is to keep you safe. This is to keep everyone safe.


  We have been asked to notify parents that there are a series of scam emails, pretending to help people receive their free school dinner allowances. These emails are asking for bank details.  Please do not click on any links or put in your details.  If you are unsure, please contact the school for further information.


I hope you have been seeing lots of signs of spring when you go for a walk, or look out of the window. Maybe you have a garden and can see the plants growing.

My writing challenge for you today is to write a diary of what you have done and what you have seen.

Describe the signs of spring you can find. Remember to use:

              Adjectives (describing words)

              Senses – see, hear, smell, touch/feel, taste

How many leaves do the trees have? What colour are they?

Are there any new plants or flowers? Do the trees have blossom?

Have you heard any animals? What does the air smell like?


Here is something for you and your family to learn together.

People who are deaf or have hearing difficulties sometimes communicate using sign language. This is a really useful skill for everyone to learn, and can be fun.

These videos are being posted every day to teach British Sign Language. I will be watching and learning too!

Here is the first video. Try to learn the alphabet. Can you spell your name?

It might help to write down the alphabet, so you can see the letters while you learn the signs.


Read. Read. Read!

Keep doing the phonics and spelling activities in your home learning packs.

You can also log on to Reading Eggs. Your username and password are in your reading record.

For more spelling games you can use Spellingframe


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Szia, Starfish!

It is another lovely day, the sun is shining and I hope you are all feeling well and happy.


For these maths problems you will need to use the greater than, less than and equal symbols.

For example:   

23 > 15  

23 is greater than 15.

11 < 20

11 is less than 20.

Sometimes we say it looks like a crocodile, trying to eat the biggest number! (But don’t draw the teeth!)

Practise using the correct symbols between these numbers.

Then if you feel confident, have a go at these problems.




It is nearly the end of March, the sun is shining more, and the days are getting longer. These are signs that it is spring.

I like the spring because the weather gets warmer. Do you like the spring? Which is your favourite season? Write about your favourite season in your book. Tell me what you like about it.

Have you seen any signs of spring yet? Even though we all have to stay at home, you can take a short walk. When you go out, have a look for any signs of spring. Write or draw them when you get home.

Here are some things to look out for:


I can see some beautiful daffodils from my window!


Remember to keep active!

JB Sports are putting up daily exercise videos, you can find the first one here:


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Monday 23rd March

Bonjour Starfish,

I hope you had a good weekend. It is a lovely sunny day, which will help us to be in a good mood for learning!


Our word of the week is scaly.

It is an adjective to describe an animal that has scales. Which animals have scales? Use the word scaly in a sentence.


Here are the next pictures from Quest by Aaron Becker.

The children finally have all the crayons! What do you think will happen now? Will they escape from the grey guards? Will they save the orange king?

Write the next part of the story in your book. Remember to use:

              Capital letters

              Full stops

              Finger spaces

              Writing on the line

              Sentences that make sense

I have written the start for you, can you carry it on?

The children flew up the icy mountain and found the final crayon! They were so excited to add it to the belt with all the others. The grey guards were getting closer and the children were worried. They looked at each other and then…


Let’s get colourful! Children all over the country, and all over the world, are staying at home at the moment to help people stay healthy.

This means we can’t go and see our friends. To cheer each other up children have started to make rainbow pictures to put in their windows.

Why don’t you make a rainbow too, and when you go for a walk see if you can spot any in other windows. I have put one in my window too!


Read every day!

I have been reading at home too, with our friend the whale!


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman


Friday 20th March

Hello Starfish!

It’s Friday! It has been a very different week, so I hope you are all doing well.

Here are some maths questions to have a go at today:


You can use this number grid, or ask an adult to help you find something to count, such as beads, pompoms or lego bricks!


On Sunday it will be Mother’s Day.

This is the day when we say “thank you” to all the mums, step-mums, grandmas, aunties and other women who help to look after and care for us.

Why not make a card. Think about who you will give it to. You could:

  • draw something they like
  • use crayons, paint or coloured paper to make flowers
  • draw a picture of the two of you together

Here are some ideas:

 Remember to write a message inside. Make up your own or write one like this:

“Dear Mum,

Thank you for being kind and always looking after me.

Love from ____________ xx”


Don’t forget, you can do a little bit of your home learning pack each day too.


Have a good weekend. I will be back with more activities on Monday. 

Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Thursday 19th March 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

It is our second day of home learning. The weather looks brighter today, but it’s still a bit chilly!

Here are some activities to have a go at:


This is the next page of Quest by Aaron Becker.

The children are on their way to find the last crayon. Which colour is it?

Write in your book to describe the setting.

  • Remember to include adjectives.
  • Use the five senses: see, smell, hear, taste and touch or feel.

Here are some sentences I wrote to describe this page:

The enormous mountain is covered in shiny, white snow. The children can hear the buzz and flap of the dragonfly’s wings. They feel the cold air whoosh past them and it is a bit scary!


On Thursdays we normally have art lessons.

I have been looking around my home and noticing lots of patterns:


What patterns can you find in your home? Have a go at copying them by drawing or colouring.


Remember to keep active, even if you are staying inside.

Here are some activities you could try with your family:


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Good morning, Starfish!

From now on I will be adding home learning challenges to this page every day. I look forward to hearing what you get up to at home when we return to school. Remember you can do a little bit from your home learning pack each day too.


Here is a picture from the book Quest by Aaron Becker.

Can you tell the story so far to a person you live with?

Have a go at writing a letter from the children to the orange king.

  • Remember to include the words dear and from.
  • Tell the king what has happened on your journey.
  • Ask the king questions, using question words: What, Why, Where, Who, When, How


Have a look at this maths problem. Is there another way she can sort the straws?


Remember to keep active at home too! Sometimes it is difficult on rainy days like today.

Maybe you could do some yoga:

Or dancing:


Have a great day!


Miss Chapman

Last term out topic was Superheroes. We enjoyed reading and retelling the stories of Supertato and Superworm.




We explored seasonal changes, and made Autumn self-portaits with found materials.



This term our topic is "Claws, Paws and Whiskers". We look forward to finding out all about animals, as well as imagining living in hot and cold places.