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Ingoldmells Academy

The Seahorse Class

Learning at home

Friday 27th March 2020 

Good morning Seahorse!  It's another beautiful sunny morning! I hope you're all well and healthy. There are loads of great online activities to help you stay fit and healthy, whilst you have to stay in. How about trying one of the sites below:

It's great to see how many of you are using reading eggs,  well done! 


Today we're looking at the diagraph th, this diagraph makes two different sounds, (th as in this, and th as in that).  We make this sound by placing our tongues slightly between our teeth.  It's really important not to be confused with the sound v as in van.  For the pure sound listen to Geraldine the Giraffe:


  • Have a go at sounding out these words: thing, this, that, them, remember to flick them out on your fingers, one finger for each sound. 
  • Then have a go at reading the question below: Can I have this chick? 
  • Our high frequency words to practise recognising by sight are: he, she, me, we, be, they, all, 
  • Our spelling words are: the, go, to, no 
  • There is also the th sheet to complete in your home learning packs. 

Writing Focus 

What have you and Pip been doing together? 

  • Can you write a sentence about it? 
  • Remember that sentences need to start with a captial letter.
  • There needs to be a fingere space between each word.
  • Finish in a full stop. 

How about creating a funky finger spacer using a lolly stick or a spare pencil? Get creative! 



Today try to think of something that you could do that would help the grown ups around you.  This could be something as simple as putting your toys away when you've finished playing with them, or tidying up your room.  You could make a card or write a note to them to let them know how much you appreciate them looking after you at this tricky time.  

Enjoy your learning and take care, 

Mrs Clarkson 


Thursday 26th March 2020 

Good morning Seahorses! Its another lovely day, and the sun is shining.  Were any of you up early enough to see the lovely frost this morning? 

It's important to stay active, and if your grown ups are willing it possible to go out for a walk, keeping a safe distance away from other people, not in your family group.  



I hope that you are all practising your reading skills at home.  Remember that some words we can sound out using our phonetic knowledge and some words we can't sound out and have to learn to read by sight.  The more that you practise these words, the easier reading will become. 

You can now listen to stories on

There are also lots of authors sharing their stories on line:

Or you could read a book for free on:

Today I'd like you to look at the image below and talk about the questions underneath with your adults.  Remember, to use the clues in the picture to help you. 


  • How does the person in the picture feel?  
  • Why do you think they feel that way? 
  • What do you think happened just before this picture? 
  • What could happen after it? 
  • Using your senses of smell, touch and sound, what would it be like to be in the picture? 

Remember your adult could use one of the books you already have at home and select a picture for you to talk about together and make predictions about what has happened, what will happen next. 


Today, use your counting skills to set up a 1p shop at home.  In the shop, everything will cost 1p!  Take turns with your grown up to buy and sell things in your 1p shop.  If your grown up has 20, 1p coins you could encourage the customer to count out the correct amount of money for the shop. 

Then the shop keeper could use their knowledge of numerals (the number line in your pack could help with this) to write a receipt for their customer. 

It could say: 

    2 teddies  2p 

    1 apple   1p 

     2+1 =3


  • What have they bought?
  • How much did they spend altogether? 
  • You could even create signs to put up in your shop about how much everything costs.


Lets Get Creative! 

Using the paper plate and instruction card, make an animal mask. This can be any animal that you like!  If you have a book about animals at home have a look at the animals, talk about the animal that you want to make, think about how it looks.  

  • What shape ears does it have? 
  • Does it have fur or scales? 
  • How close together are its eyes? 
  • Does it have a pattern on it skin? 

Then using the materials you have at home make your fantastic mask! When you've made your mask and it's ready to use, you could explore moving like the animal of your choice. 

Here is a link to Edinburgh Zoo, you can watch the animals at the zoo to help you think of which animal you'd like to be.

Have fun learning Seahorses, and stay safe!  

Mrs Clarkson 


Wednesday 25th March 2020 

The sun is shining and it is another beautiful day Seahorses!  Remember it is important to keep doing a little bit of reading, writing and maths everyday.  

 Image result for sunshine

How about checking out David Walliams reading a story for the next 30 days!

Or try a work out with the JB sports coaches, from the comfort of your home.

**We have been asked to notify parents that there are a series of scam emails, pretending to help people receive their free school dinners allowances, these emails are asking for bank details.  Please don't click on any links or put in your details.  If you are unsure, please contact the school for further information. 


Today we will be using our sh and ch diagraphs to do some writing!  The next sheet in your pack is a grid with some pictures on.  There is a shell, shed, neck, cheese, shops, and a chicken.  Using your sound card write the words underneath the pictures.  Don't forget to sound talk the word first, putting up one finger for every sound you say in the word.  For example: sh- e- ll (3 fingers).

  • Remember to write at least one sentence about Pip.  What have you and Pip been doing together?  
  • You can also practise your phonics on the phonics play website.  There are a wide range of games and activities that you can access.

Or try the Oxford Owl website for free access to ebooks!

The code for our class flip grid is: clarkson0976

More clips will be uploaded soon.  How about uploading your own clip sharing how your home learning is going?  


Try to carry out some more of the home learning challenges from yesterdays sheet.  Or you could create your own counting game, using the dice and actions.  Roll the dice and choose an action, jumps, skips, claps etc.  The focus is to touch and count accurately, saying one number for each object that you touch, or action that you do.  To help develop accurate counting.  

Look at the websites below for more interactive activites!

Being Creative! 

With your grown ups permission, have a look at empty cardboard boxes and tubes in your recycling.  Can you use these items to make a small world landscape for your Pip?  It could be a crazy new planet full of aliens, a jungle anything!  Remember if you have some spare paper you can cover it and colour it in with paint or crayons.  Then take your Pip on an amazing adventure!   


Have fun learning Seahorses, and take care. 

Mrs Clarkson 


Tuesday 24th March 2020 

Another beautiful day Seahorses!   Remember that it's really important to keep active, if your grown up is willing, you can still go for a walk outside, as long as you keep 2m away from other people not in your family group.  Or you could join in with the Joe Wicks PE lessons, if you've not tried it already!  Here is the link again.

Image result for sunshine   


 How about listening to a story today from the author Oliver Jeffers?


Today's sound that we are reviewing is ch, focusing on reading words with the ch sound in and writing words with itRemember that we use the pure ch sound.  Click on the code below to go straight to the clip reviewing ch

Our high frequency words to practise recognising by sight are: he, she, me, we, be, they, all, 

Our spelling words are: the, go, to, no 

Activities for ch

  • Use the ch game in your phonics pack.  Roll your dice and read the word on that line.  If you get it right cover it up with a counter, or another small toy/object.  
  • Can you find a book at home with ch words in?  
  • Write a ch sentence about Pip.  Think about finger spaces, the sentence making sense and starting with a capital letter. If you want an extra challenge, try to add a describing word. For example:  Pip has such a lot of big chips.  You can draw a picture underneath your sentence. 

Read the caption using ch words: They have got fish and chips. 


We are continuing our work on number.  The next sheet in your pack is a selection of home learning challenges to 20.  Have a go at as many of the challenges as you can.  Focus on counting the objects accurately.  Don't forget that putting the objects in a line will make them easier to count.  

You can also practise your counting skills on the sites below.

Understanding the World 

Hopefully, most of you have planted your seeds, and have started your plant book, if not, why not do it today.  Remember that they will need sunlight, and a little bit of water to grow everyday.  Look at your seeds.  Have they started to grow yet? If you notice any changes you could draw them and write a caption in your plant book.

  Image result for seeds growing

Being Imaginative!

Today think of an adventure that you can have at home.  Can you build a cave for a Gruffalo?  Make a space rocket to go to the moon?  Trek through a jungle.  Use your imagination in your play.  This could be using small items to make your landscapes or big things that are around your house.  Saucepans and pots make great planets, a bed sheet and cushions can be an awesome cave, with a bit of adult know how and magic!  

 Image result for make a cave with a sheet  

You could write messages or warning signs as part of your play.  Have fun and remember talking is important! 

Remember you can select from the activities that you see above, you don't need to complete all of them in one go. 

Take care, and have fun with your learning! 

Mrs Clarkson 


Monday 23rd March 2020 

Good morning Seahorses, it's a lovely morning and the sun is shining!  This will be the first full week of home learning, I know that you'll all try very hard to listen and follow the instructions of your parents and carers.  

Image result for sunshine

Well done to all the children who've been on Reading Eggs!  It has been lovely to see your progress.  I look forward to seeing more of you having a go, over the next week.


Today we will be reviewing the sound sh, focusing on reading words with the sh sound in and writing words with itRemember that we use the pure sh sound.  Click on the code below to go straight to the clip reviewing sh

  • Use the sh game in your phonics pack.  Roll your dice and read the word on that line.  If you get it right cover it up with a counter, or another small toy/object.  
  • Can you find a book at home with sh words in?  
  • Write a sh sentence about Pip.  Think about finger spaces, the sentence making sense and starting with a capital letter. If you want an extra challenge, try to add a describing word. 


This week we will continue to focus on number, focusing on more and less. Look at the comparing numbers to 10 sheet in your maths pack.  Count all of the cars and think about which amount is more.  You can use the number line in your pack to help you.  

With a grown up count out a pile of 10 objects.  one of you will close your eyes.  No peeking!  The other person will cover up some of the objects with a cloth.  Look at the amount that is left.  Is it less or more than the amount under the cloth?  Count the amount and see if you are right.  You can use your number line to compare the amount.  Repeat with the other person closing their eyes and saying if the amount left is more or less than the amount covered up.  Challenge, can you increase the amount?  

You can also practise your maths skills on:

Image result for 10 toys cars        Image result for cloth


This is a really unusual time, we would normally be in school and learning.  It is really important that we all work together to help each other, and spread some happiness.  There has been a lovely activity that children all around the country are joining in with.  Because they can't see their friends and neighbours for a while, they are making rainbows to put up in a window of their home, to spread hope.

Image result for rainbow child painting  Two children paint rainbows

Remember to check with your parents first. 

How about listening to a story at bedtime?

You don't need to complete all the activities above.  Have fun learning at home! 

Mrs Clarkson 



Friday 20th March 2020

Good morning Seahorses!  I hope that you're all staying healthy and active? 

Here are a few activities that you can try at home.  You don't need to do all of them in one go, try to do a little bit of learning everyday. 


We will continue to develop our recognition of rhyming words. 

  • Try to think of words that rhyme with Pip.  How many words can you think of?  
  • Try and use your rhyming Pip words to make funny sentences.  You can write your funny sentences in your green book. 
  • Use your Reading Eggs Logon to practise your reading skills.  Your logon can be found at the front of your green book.
  • You could also share a Julia Donaldson book with an adult.  Can you hear the rhyming words?  Or you could watch and listen for the rhyming words. 


Physical Development 

Staying active is really important, as it makes us healthier and stronger.  Below are some sites that you could access to help you stay active at home. 

Fine Motor Skills

  Image result for playdough images


To build on your maths skills try playing this game.  Find 20 objects from around your home, remember to count them carefully!  You then need to share them with your partner, equally.  You both need to have 10 each.  You then take turns rolling the dice.  Whatever number you roll your partner needs to count that amount out of their group of objects, and give them to you.  Then they roll, whatever they roll, you need to take away from your objects.  Keep rolling until one of you has nothing left!  

Have fun learning Seahorses, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you're getting on with your learning! 

Mrs Clarkson 


Thursday 19th March 2020 

Welcome to our daily Home Learning updates!   


I hope that you're having great fun with your new friend Pip.  In the lined book that we sent home with you, try and write a sentence about what you and Pip have been doing.  When  you've finished your sentence, you could draw a picture to go with it. Just be careful not to draw over your writing! 

Understanding of the World 

 If it is okay with your adult, think about planting the seeds in your Home Learning Pack,  you could look really closely at the seeds before you plant them.  What do they look like?  I wonder what size they are? Could you draw the seeds from your packet in your blank note books.  These notebooks can become a diary of how your plant grows.  


Look at the number sheet of 0 -20, being very sensible with your scissors, cut out the numbers and try to put them into order on the blank grid.  Check with your adult that they are in the correct order before sticking them down.  

Enjoy your learning!



Seahorses have been having a lovely time learning about all about themselves this term.  We've been really impressed by how well they have settled into school!  They have created wonderful pieces of art, as well as learning a range of songs and performing at our Harvest Festival.  

Look at us learning below. 







Next term, we will be learning about festivals and celebrations from all around the world, in our exciting new topic Fireworks, Fun and Celebrations!