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Learning at home

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning Tiger Sharks, some more lessons from BBC Bitesize today, they really are a fabulous resource.  Check the website out for other activities if you fancy doing a bit more.  Today in literacy, we are going to learn how to use brackets to add extra information into a sentence.  Check out the BBC bitesize page and watch the video for some examples.

Listen to the Viking story of how Odin created the world.  Then copy out the sentences below and complete them using an option from the phrase bank.  The phrases provide extra information, so they should go inside the brackets.

Top tip!

Read the sentences carefully. They should still make sense with the extra information added.

Phrase bank

  • Home of the Humans
  • who was puzzled
  • with a great roar
  • the god of fire
  • filled with trees, lakes, flowers and rivers
  • who lived a long time ago
  1. The Vikings (................................................................) sailed around in very long ships.
  2. Loki (..............................................................) watched Odin create the world.
  3. Loki (..................................................) said, “Isn’t it a bit generous, giving a home to our enemy the giants?”
  4. Odin (.....................................................) sent a freezing wind across the blackness.
  5. Odin breathed gently and a new world (.....................................................) appeared.
  6. This land was called Midgard (.........................................................).

In maths, we are going to learn how to multiply fractions by whole numbers, and it’s a lot easier than it looks, trust me!  Check out the BBC bitesize lesson for all the information you will need.

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Tiger Sharks, lovely to see so many of you back online yesterday.  Today's challenges follow on from yesterday with some more work on facts and opinion.  Recap by watching the video from yesterday if you need to.

Today your challenge is to write one paragraph about your favourite animal only using opinions (what you think about the animal).

For example: Zebras are the most magical creatures in the animal kingdom.

Then write another paragraph about the same animal but only use facts (what is true about the animal).

For example: Zebras have black and white stripes.

Each paragraph should be three to five sentences long.

Top tip!

You could look on the CBBC website to find facts about animals. You might find the Newsround website useful too.

Today in maths we are continuing with our work finding fractions of amounts.  Have a go at these quick questions and then try the interactive game to keep practising.

  1. 1/6 of 48 =
  2. 2/5 of 50 =
  3. 3/8 of 96 =
  4. 6/9 of 81 =

Try these flashcards from Quizlet.  Shout out the answer then tap the card to check your answer. Tap the arrow to see another flashcard.

Monday 1st June

Good morning Tiger Sharks, hope you had a fab half term and are ready to get back to our home learning. As of this week I will be back in school for most of the day so will be unable to get back to you on Teams as quickly as I have been doing.  I will try and answer all queries at the end of the day so please be patient and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Today we are going to use a lesson from BBC Bitesize to learn all about the difference between fact and opinion.  Watch the video at the link below then have a go at answering the questions.

Now answer these questions.

You can think though your answers or write them down as full sentences.

1. What is a fact? Give an example from the video.

2. What is an opinion? Give an example from the video.

3. What does a fact need to be supported by?

For maths today, today we are having a recap on finding fractions of amounts.  We have covered this in class but to remind you check out the video below.

Friday 22nd May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, it's the last day of a very different term!  I want to say a massive well done to all of you for sticking with it and joining me every day.  I know some days you'd really rather not do any work (me too), some days your bored (me too) and some days you'd rather just stay in bed (me too)!  So well done all us for everything we have achieved this term!  

Today's spelling challenge is a word collage (I know you all enjoyed this challenge last time!).  Have a look around the house for any old newspapers, magazines, letters, junk mail (check with an adult first!)  Cut out the letters you need from the magazines and spell out your words.   Here is a reminder of this week's words.

For literacy, It's time to have a go at writing our own River poem.  Look at the example from yesterday for inspiration.  Don’t worry if your poem doesn't rhyme, it is more important to use lots of lovely vocabulary and create a really good image of the river.

Maths - It's arithmetic Friday! 

  1. 6,001 + 1,000 = __________
  2. 76 ÷ 100 = ________
  3. 214 x 3 = __________
  4. 6/7 - 2/7 = ___________
  5. 35 ÷ 7 = _________
  6. 907 - 492 = __________
  7. __________ = 7,316 + 1,345
  8. 231 x 0 = _________
  9. 30 x 5 = __________
  10. 3/4 of 32 = _______

Thursday 21st May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, some really tricky year 5 maths today so don't panic if you struggle.  Remember square numbers are numbers multiplied by themselves e.g. 62 = 6 x 6 = 36 and for the division you will need to do lots of working out before you can answer the questions.  You can do this in your yellow book if it's easier, just put the final answer on the worksheet.  Resilience is one of our core values, so give it your best!

For literacy today - Valerie Bloom wrote a second poem about a river, this one called simply The River.  Check it out on youtube being read by a teacher to his class.

Here is an example of a poem written by a child in s similar style to Valerie's poem.  Can you highlight the verbs in blue (doing words), nouns in yellow (things) and adjectives in pink (describing words.)

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, well done for the lovely descriptions of the river from yesterday.

For literacy today - Watch this clip of Valerie Bloom reading her poem Ask The River.

Have a go at answering these questions about the poem - you may need to listen to it more than once.

  1. What was the name of the river the poet used to live next to?
  2. Why does the river smile?
  3. How did the river wake the mountain?
  4. This is a rhyming poem, can you identify two sets of rhyming couplets?  (A rhyming couplet is two sentences that rhyme)
  5. At the end of the poem, what is clogging up the river?

For today's spelling challenge, see if you can find all of this week's words inside the wordsearch.

Maths today is a bit of multiplying and dividing.  Two tips - don't forget the place holder and remember the grid!

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, I thought for the rest of this week we would focus on some poetry, all around the theme of water.  I know I really enjoy a walk along by a river, or listening to the waves on the beach, even today watching the rain run down the windows!  Fingers crossed the sunshine will be back tomorrow though!

Today's challenge is to imagine you were standing next to this river.  Label five things that you can see and then add adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe them.

Today's spelling challenge is the 'Add ‘Em Up' challenge.  For each of your words, give 2 points for each consonant and 5 points for each vowel.  Which word has the most points? Which word has the least points?

Monday 18th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, hope you had a great weekend.  Well done Ben for being our reading eggs champion this week. 

We are starting the week with a reading challenge from First News, covering lots of weird and wonderful stories from around the world.  Check out our OneNote page for the full activity.  If you enjoy reading First News you can download a free digital copy at this link.

Maths is a recap of adding and subtracting, hopefully won't prove too tricky!

And finally our spelling words this week are all based around word families.

Friday 15th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks,  and it’s the end of another week.  Another fun challenge today making Top Trumps cards about British Wildlife and it's arithmetic Friday!  Remember your Reading Eggs challenge is ready, so log on over the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Literacy - Using this fab website we used the other week can you make some more Top Trumps cards for different animals.  Use the templates below to help you or make your own.

Maths - It's arithmetic Friday!  

  1. 3/4 - 1/4 = _________
  2. 48 ÷ 8 = __________
  3. 1/8 of 72 = ________
  4. _________ = 32 x 0
  5. 684 - 129 = _________
  6. 23 ÷ 10 = __________
  7. 273 + 561 = ___________
  8. 3 x 9 x 4 = _________
  9. 6 x 7 = __________
  10. ________ + 250 = 250 900

Thursday 14th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks.  Bit of a change to your challenges today, I have included an art task all about different types of shading.  This has been a great time for us all to get crafty, whether you've been baking or sewing or junk modelling, it's been fab to see your creations.

Using a pencil and paper, can you copy these different types of cross-hatching and pattern making?

Could you use any of the sketching effects that you have just used  to draw some animals?

Also another maths recap, I'm really pleased to see that you haven't lost all those maths skills we'd been learning at school. 

Finally check out reading eggs, I have set you another assignment, have a go today or some time over the weekend.  Lexi was our champion on the last challenge, let's see if anyone can beat her this week.

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, well done to those people who spotted the deliberate spelling mistake yesterday!  I allow you to get your green pen out and underline it!  Hopefully I have proof read today's work a little more carefully!

Well done Ben for sending me a picture of your hedgehog safety poster,  if any one else has one to share add it your OneNote page, to Teams or e-mail to so I can add it to our website page.  I look forward to seeing them.

For literacy today you will need to check out our OneNote page for an extract from chapter 3, an interesting task all about spoonerisms! Maths today is focused on rounding and some work on multiples.

Keep safe Tiger Sharks.

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, a confusing time for us with lots of different messages on the news about returning to school.  First of all don't worry!  At the moment I don't know any more than you as to when we will be back but I do know that until then I will continue to post work for you every morning and will be here to support you.  You are doing great with your home learning, logging on to reading eggs, practising your times tables and completing the work every day.  Keep up the good work!

Literacy this week is all based around a book called Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith. 

Watch these two ‘Hedgehog Road Safety’ clips. Then answer the questions.

  1. Think of 2 warnings Pa might have given to his children about crossing the road
  2. What should we remember when we are going to cross the road?
  3. Make a poster to show hedgehogs how to cross the road safely.

Maths today is another recap lesson on finding more and less and subtracting using the column method.

Mondy 11th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, and the start of another new week!  Bit of a chilly one today so another day to stay in snuggled up with a book!  This week's literacy is from another classic author - Dick King Smith - you may have some of his books at home.  Some of his books have even been made into films like Babe and The Water Horse.  You will need to check out our OneNote page for the extract of the story and this week's SPAG questions.

Maths is a bit different this week - we are recapping some of the topics we have covered already at school.  Have fun!

Thursday 7th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, another gorgeous sunny day ahead.  Well done everyone who is getting their work done before heading out into the garden!

Today's challenge is to write your spelling words in bubble letters and colour them in.  Remember here are this week's words.

1) circle

2) medicine

3) decimal

4) decide

5) city

6) exercise

7) cinema

8) accident

10) citizen

For literacy today, listen to the next part of the story, where the boy finds the red coat.

What did you think was going to happen when the boy put the coat on?  Have a go at writing the next part of the story, use your imagination… what might have happened to the boy?  Where might he go?  Who could he meet?

Today's maths lesson is subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places.

We are on summer term - week 2 - lesson 4

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, I hope you're enjoying the book Into the Forest, does it remind you of any other stories you might know?  Today's activity is all about writing speech.  Listen to the next part of the story, where the boy meets the boy and the cow.

Can you write the conversation between the two boys in your own words.  Remember the 5 steps for writing speech. 

  1. Open the inverted commas
  2. Write what the person actually said
  3. Add punctuation, a question mark, exclamation mark or a comma before you close the inverted commas
  4. Close the inverted commas
  5. Finish by saying who said it - remember there are lots of better words than 'said'

e.g. "Do you want to buy a cow?" asked the boy.

Today's maths gets a bit trickier, adding decimals with different numbers of decimal places. The key today is don't forget the place holder!

We are on summer term - week 2 - lesson 3

Have fun!

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks.  Here are today's challenges:

Spellings -  Today's challenge is to write your spellings in alphabetical order, be careful there are four words that start with a 'c'. 

For literacy,  listen to the next part of the story, where the boy goes into the dark woods. 

Imagine you were walking into the forest… what could you hear?  What could you see?  How would you feel?  Write a description in first person to describe the forest, remember to use all your senses and make them super sentences. 

Today's maths lesson is subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places 

We are on summer term - week 2 - lesson 2 

Monday 4th May

Good morning Tiger Sharks, and the start of another new week!   

Your literacy challenges this week are all based on a book by one of my favourite children's authors – Anthony Browne.  Listen to it being read on you-tube before you try out the challenges.  Make sure you look closely at the illustrations, Anthony Browne is particularly good at hiding clues in the pictures. 

Check out this link to listen to the story being read beautifully.  You don't need to listen to the story all in one go if you don't want to, each day the activity will be about the next bit of the story. 

 At the beginning of the story, the boy is woken by a storm.  Can you write three sentences, all starting with fronted adverbials to describe what is happening.  Don't forget you need a comma after your fronted adverbial, and if you need some ideas look under the resources tab on our OneNote page.